Word Vomit: Unsolicited ARCs

There was a time when I actively accepting books for review. I had the whole shebang: review policy, a dedicated e-mail address, Facebook page, and an actual schedule. I entered all the giveaways and downloaded all the eARCs. But that eventually got overwhelming. I was acquiring books faster than I was able to read them. Reviewing them is another thing all together. Then the books that I was getting end up either not being my cup of tea or just plain ol’ bad. After a while, it became a chore. It wasn’t fun anymore.

It led me to a rather long hiatus from book blogging. I eventually got back to it but I let go of the whole “free book in exchange of a review” thing. I’d much rather read and sometimes review books that I actually wanted to read, stuff that I am genuinely interested in. I still entered giveaways but only for those books that I truly wanted. Like the Blogging for Books platform for example.

But having said that, it still blows my mind how from time to time, I get unsolicited ARCs. And for that, I am extremely grateful. I’m sure I get those not because of the “quality” of my reviews; hell, I barely have any. Or because my blog/posts caught the publisher’s eye. No, I think it’s because they got my address from a pre-order program or those random sign-up posts on Facebook offering early copies of books.

And I got three unsolicited ARCs in the past three days!

  • The Breakdown by BA Paris. I also received an ARC of Behind Closed Doors. This comes out in the US, July 18th.
  • The Fact of a Body by Alexandria Marzano-Lesnevich. This is from Flatiron Books. I signed up for the pre-order promo for Caraval. This comes out May 16th.
  • The Essex Serpent by Sarah Perry. I think I got this from Penguin Random House. This comes out in the US, June 6th.

Many thanks to these publishers and authors for sending me these ARCs. I will do my best to get to them. I can’t promise a review on this blog but definitely updates and reactions on Goodreads.

It still makes me smile when I get ARCs, whether I receive them from publishers or chance on them at a bookstore (which you’re not supposed to sell ARCs, yakno).

What’s your favorite ARC that you own? Me, I have two copies of the Red Rising by Pierce Brown ARCs that are pocket-sized. [The one on top in this photo.) I got them from the same $1 bookstore on different dates. I actually do want to acquire ARCs for Golden Son and Morning Star, if possible. Eventually. Maybe.