Word Vomit: Unsolicited ARCs

There was a time when I actively accepting books for review. I had the whole shebang: review policy, a dedicated e-mail address, Facebook page, and an actual schedule. I entered all the giveaways and downloaded all the eARCs. But that eventually got overwhelming. I was acquiring books faster than I was able to read them. Reviewing them is another thing all together. Then the books that I was getting end up either not being my cup of tea or just plain ol’ bad. After a while, it became a chore. It wasn’t fun anymore.

It led me to a rather long hiatus from book blogging. I eventually got back to it but I let go of the whole “free book in exchange of a review” thing. I’d much rather read and sometimes review books that I actually wanted to read, stuff that I am genuinely interested in. I still entered giveaways but only for those books that I truly wanted. Like the Blogging for Books platform for example.

But having said that, it still blows my mind how from time to time, I get unsolicited ARCs. And for that, I am extremely grateful. I’m sure I get those not because of the “quality” of my reviews; hell, I barely have any. Or because my blog/posts caught the publisher’s eye. No, I think it’s because they got my address from a pre-order program or those random sign-up posts on Facebook offering early copies of books.

And I got three unsolicited ARCs in the past three days!

  • The Breakdown by BA Paris. I also received an ARC of Behind Closed Doors. This comes out in the US, July 18th.
  • The Fact of a Body by Alexandria Marzano-Lesnevich. This is from Flatiron Books. I signed up for the pre-order promo for Caraval. This comes out May 16th.
  • The Essex Serpent by Sarah Perry. I think I got this from Penguin Random House. This comes out in the US, June 6th.

Many thanks to these publishers and authors for sending me these ARCs. I will do my best to get to them. I can’t promise a review on this blog but definitely updates and reactions on Goodreads.

It still makes me smile when I get ARCs, whether I receive them from publishers or chance on them at a bookstore (which you’re not supposed to sell ARCs, yakno).

What’s your favorite ARC that you own? Me, I have two copies of the Red Rising by Pierce Brown ARCs that are pocket-sized. [The one on top in this photo.) I got them from the same $1 bookstore on different dates. I actually do want to acquire ARCs for Golden Son and Morning Star, if possible. Eventually. Maybe.



WORD VOMIT: A Court of Thorns and Roses

I have one but I can’t be bothered with a written book journal right now. Plus, typing is faster.

Go Genos, go!!!

Go Genos, go!!!

Backstory: I know this is one of the most hyped books and authors of the past few years. But I’ve never ever physically picked up a Sarah J. Maas book until I saw it on a Target run a month ago. And it was for $8. I would pick it up and set it back down again. Then yesterday, work stress got the better of me and I finally bought it. I started reading it this morning (2/3/2017) and I’m about a third of the way through. That’s pretty fast for me.

I’m torn. I do like Beauty and the Beast, the Disney version as well as the original. And this being a loose retelling, I’m not expecting it to follow the events of the original. I’m not much for retellings but if it’s done good, it’s good. After all, the Disney ones are technically retellings also. I know the story of Beauty and the Beast better than the other retellings that I read. But… I am finding the decisions made and directions taken in this book a bit (lot) problematic.

(May contain potential spoilers. You are warned.)

Again, I’m a good chunk in but who is Feyre? Really. I know that 1st person POVs don’t talk about themselves a lot but I know next to nothing about her. I have a good idea of what Tamlin looks like — your typical romance novel Fabio. The three of them – Feyre, Tamlin, and Lucien – remind me of an anime dynamic. Tamlin and Lucien are two sides of the same coin and then Feyre is this newcomer trying to figure them out. Tamlin’s and Lucien’s characters are so developed that I can probably figure out a backstory and continuation on my own. But Feyre? I had to look up crude fanart just to figure out what she looked like. Emphasis on crude.

Each chapter is like a day in a life of Feyre. And it’s all the same every time: she eats with the two, she refuses help from Tamlin when clearly he’s willing to help, she goes to Lucien just to piss Tamlin off, then plans to escape even though she has no clue as to where she is and how she got there. I admire the tenacity but… stubborn much? Your family doesn’t care about you even if you cared for them. It seemed that she was more honor-bound than actually doing it out of the goodness of her heart. From her, I got the “I want out but my mom said I stay” vibe but at the same time, she had nothing good to say about her mom. Huh? And she never told her father and sisters about it. She just accepted their greed and awfulness. Boo-hoo. Then what?

Also, is this YA or adult? I’m asking because I tend to get into a reading mood. If it’s YA, I go into a YA mode. I tend to be more forgiving. Then again, I was told this has adult themes. (And yes, I flipped through and happened on that part.)

But despite all of that… I am enjoying this. Very much. Sort of like how you would enjoy a guilty pleasure read. That’s why I’m torn. Do I rate this because my knee-jerk reaction is that I like it? Or do I sit down and think about how problematic things are and give it a lower rating?

Hashtag: Reader Problems.

Let’s talk about this. I needed to let this out.