#T5W | Favorites Revisited

This week, we are talking about Favorites You’d Like to Revisit.

As you might already know, I seldom re-read. In fact, my first legit re-read in years was just this past month. My Brother’s Husband by Gengoroh Tagame for #GetGraphic Round 2. I loved it. I wanted to re-experience that story. I would re-read it again for sure.

The reason why I don’t re-read much is that I have a pretty good memory of a book I’ve read before once I start reading it again. I’m not the kind who can quote right off the page… or even remember character names! But once get back into the book, everything comes back to me. Then I lose interest and move on to a book I haven’t read before.

If I were to “revisit” anything, it’s anime. I am known to rewatch anime to death. Haikyuu for example… that was all I watched from September to December of 2017. All 60 episodes. Everyday. All day. Same with Yuri On Ice when it first came out. I rewatched that Minami episode over and over. Lately, it’s Restaurant to Another World and Rokuhoudou Yotsuiro Biyori. I watched those shows in full in one sitting the first time and immediately rewatched the whole thing right after finishing it. I still rewatch my favorite episodes. Junichi Suwabe must love me (since he voiced the lead characters in both series) LMAO.

I’ve made omurice because of my love for this particular episode. 

Anyway, I’m not totally against the idea of re-reading. Here are a couple of titles that I’m open to revisiting… when I feel like it:

  • Birthday Girl by Penelope Douglas.
    I have my signed copy in a pile near my bed and I’m tempted to pick it up every time I see it. The story is still fresh in my mind – as would a lot of my favorite books – but I can’t get enough of this. Since then, I’ve been reading a lot of age gap tropes but nothing satisfies me like this one.
  • The Mistborn Trilogy by Brandon Sanderson.
    My brother is reading it right now on audio and he told me that the narration is really good. I’m a sucker for good single-person narration and I’m interested to hear how the banter is narrated. At least in The Final Empire. Maybe someday. My brother was on hold for about a month for that audio book.
  • Tucker Wayne series by James Rollins and Grant Blackwood.
    I recently read Bloodline by James Rollins. Tucker Wayne and his dog Kane played a huge part in the mission. And I loved it. I miss these two. I want more books in these series or at least more appearances in other Sigma Force books. If I were to re-read the two books in the series, I’ll even brave a mass market paperback.
  • Gakuen Babysitters by Hari Tokeino.
    I will re-read the manga and rewatch the anime. I wish they continue the anime! It’s super cute and so endearing.
  • Into the Drowning Deep by Mira Grant.
    I’m wondering if I were to read this rather than listen to it, would I still like it as much? I probably would but someday, I’ll prove that theory.

As for anime I’d like to rewatch… how much time do you have? 😉



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