#GetGraphic Round 2 | Readathon Wrap-up

It felt like a Haikyuu readathon, to be honest. No complaints here. I’m finally reading Season 3 and soon… new (to me) material! I don’t really need a readathon to binge read manga but it’s a good excuse to feel more productive. Especially during the weekends.

I mentioned in my announcement post that I don’t read much on the weekends. I usually catch up on anime, assemble Gunpla while rewatching anisong concerts, sleep, or binge watch documentaries on Youtube. I was expecting to totally bomb this readathon but lo and behold, I was able to finish eight things. All manga, but still eight things.

I have a Twitter thread about my #GetGraphic weekend HEREI do thread posts when I’m watching anime so I might as well make one for a readathon. And it was so much fun to do. I loved all the interactions that I made. I’m glad to have been able to recommend stuff. If you’ve found a new favorite from my posts, you’re welcome.

Also, I wasn’t really planning to read that many Haikyuu. But I found almost ALL volumes available on my OverDrive. Thank you, Los Angeles Public Library system! You’re awesome.

With that being said, here’s my finished lineup (you can also check out my Twitter thread for extra photos):

  • Goth by OtsuichiI’ve owned the novel for a while but haven’t read it yet. I chanced on this manga version on Overdrive and read it before going to bed. I slept well enough, don’t worry. I actually like horror and it doesn’t bother me much. I loved this.
  • Haikyuu by Haruichi Furudate. Surprised? LMAO. I read Volumes 14, 15, 16, and 17. It’s the whole second half of the second season, starting when Ennoshita subbed for an injured Daichi to part first set of their match against Shiratorizawa. I love reading the source material to an anime that I know inside and out. The anime left out and added somethings and I enjoy both IMMENSELY. I had to physically stop myself from screenshotting and posting everything on Twitter!
  • My Brother’s Husband Volume 1 by Gengoroh TagameIf you are going to read anything from this list, please let it be this. This was my re-read and I will re-read it again for sure. I can’t wait for the 2nd book that will come out a day after my birthday!
  • Scum’s Wish Volume 1 by Mengo Yokoyari. I said this was on my TBR, I might as well read it. I admit, I wasn’t in the mood but wow, I enjoyed this! I’m planning to eventually watch the anime… and the live-action drama, of course.
  • My Hero Academia Volume 15 by Kohei HorikoshiIt’s not a manga readathon without at least one volume of this! My baby Eriiii!!! I’m slowing down a bit because I’m almost caught up. Plus ultra!
  • Restaurant to Another World Volume 1 by Junpei Inuzuka (story) and Takaaki Kugatsu (illustration)I’m tempted to sing the OP song every time! I was able to squeeze this in with 15 minutes to spare. I liked it but I have to say, I like the anime more. I hope to get my hands on the light novel in the future.

And that is it for my #GetGraphic Round 2 experience! What did you read?



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