#TomeTopple Round 6 | Readathon Wrap-up

For a readathon that was held at the same time as the most hectic weekend of my year, Anime Expo, I think I did really well. Not on all aspects but reading-wise, I think I did okay.

Let’s revisit what I said on my announcement post, shall we?

I ended up finishing two books after all. At first, I was okay with justThe Burning World by Isaac Marion on audio. I did start Obsidio by Amie Kaufman & Jay Kristoff on the first day of the readathon. Then Iron Gold by Pierce Brown while at Anime Expo as pictured on my upa plush above. (If you know which anime that came from, I love you.) I finished the audio book after the whole AX excitement and on the last day of the readathon, I managed to squeeze out Obsidio with about an hour to spare. I got through 27% of Iron Gold though. I had every intention of reading while on my commute or downtime at AX but it was just not possible. I wasn’t in the mood and I ended up being exhausted most of the time.

I read the physical hardcover of Obsidio while I based the page numbers of The Burning World on the hardcover. I have both the ARC and signed hardcover of Iron Gold but I don’t know where I’m at exactly since I read it on my ereader. In total, I finished reading 1127 pages. Probably another 100 pages for Iron Gold but we’re not counting that. I’ve put it down for a while in favor of easier reads.

With these two, it satisfies three of the five challenges: Read more than one tome (I read 2), Read a tome that is part of a series (both), Read an adult novel (The Burning World). As for the Instagram challenges, I could only do one. Oops. I even said I’m going to have fun taking pictures at AX for these challenges but like I said, I was dead on my feet every end of the day. And there weren’t really good opportunities for photos while there.

Met Yuki Kaji, Tomoaki Maeno, and fellow Haikyuu fans!

I said that Obsidio will be a quick read. I was wrong. Unlike the previous two books, this was definitely more text-heavy. The first 100 pages were a slugfest. I enjoyed it but it wasn’t the quick and easy read that I was expecting. I read Illuminae and Gemina in a day. In a few hours! This took me about two days to read the remaining half of the book. This is not a review but I did feel like it needed all those texts. It’s the final book and it told so many things. I was a bit irritated by the blacked out words but hey, that’s the only quirky thing all those text chapters had.

I won’t give a TBR for the next round. I will participate in another readathon by this weekend so watch out for my TBR for that. It will be mostly manga and my recommendations will be up on Instagram by the end of today.

How did you do on your Tome Topple? What do you plan on reading next round?


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