#T5W Rewind | Merch Monster!

This week, we are talking about Favorite Fandom Items.

It was actually last week. And yesterday. But look, I barely posted last month after saying time and time again that I will be better about it. Well, that’s life for you. My last post was my March wrap up and here we are at the very beginning of May, waiting for my April wrap up.

I would have you know, however, that I’ve been reading quite a bit. My reading hasn’t suffered. Just my blogging, both in time and inspiration. No T5W topics interested me last month except this last one. It was a perfect topic for someone like me… a merch monster. I had a list down, of five “wants” and five favorites in my current collection. I even planned some photos to go with it. But they weren’t exactly bookish. Honestly, I do not collect bookish merch outside of signed books. I’ve even said that I will only buy books if they are signed. So far, I’ve been very good with my purchasing. I have mostly anime merch. But understand that a lot of these anime are adapted from manga… which is a form of book. So I guess it counts?

Unfortunately, I already threw away my old list. I was hoping to retro post it but I gave up. I shouldn’t have because May is a freebie month. Looks like I may still have a chance! Like my original list, I will split this into two: my wish list and my favorites. Note that wish listing is very hard for me because I tend to have trigger fingers when I see something I want. 😉

Let’s start with my WISH LIST.

  • Deku and Bakugo Nendoroids from My Hero Academia.
    I admit, I’m a bit late on this Nendoroid train. I only started collecting around September of last year (and now have all of Karasuno and some more; it’s an addiction). Had I known about this sooner, I would’ve pre-ordered them. But now, they cost an actual arm and an actual leg. I’ve resorted to “collecting” the Funko Pops and the Banpresto DXF figures but I wouldn’t say no to these Nendoroids for a good price.
  • Yuri Plisetsky , GEM Series figure from Yuri!!! On Ice.
    I don’t care much for the Yuuri and Viktor figures but this one is so beautiful. My mom actually promised this for my birthday but I don’t know… either I want something else for my birthday or I eventually get it myself.
  • Large Kaeru plushie from The IdolMaster Side M.
    I can’t even begin to explain how much I want this. BADLY. Ever since I saw it in one of their Nico Nico livestreams, I so want it. I love Pierre and I want this huge Kaeru plush in my life.
  • Treebeard Funko Pop from The Lord of the Rings.
    I’m not the biggest fan of Funko Pops but I want this. I might look out for this at conventions if I can’t get it at Hot Topic asap or something.

And here are my FAVORITES:

  • Pictured above is a small part of my Haikyuu!! collection. That one is the complete “Karasuno vs Nekoma: Battle of the Garbage Dump” set from Banpresto. It took me a while to complete but it is so worth it. I have all but two figures from the Banpresto DXF line, every released Karasuno Nendoroid and Kenma, and a couple of smaller official figures and charms (both legit and knock offs). I also have two seasons on limited edition BD/DVD and I’m in the process of collecting all the stage plays on video. Yes, this is my life.
  • And you’ve seen photos of my Gunpla collection in past posts. It’s something I share with my brother. I’ve assembled my share of Bear’gguys and Petit’gguys and I’m slowly venturing out to Gundam and mobile suits. I recently finished my first “humanoid” kit, the Mrs. Loheng-rinko model. It was so much fun. With the new season, I’m pretty sure I’m just going to add to this never-ending collection. I still have so many other to assemble!

China’gguy and Mrs. Loheng-rinko.

Someday, I will take a photo of my collection. There is just so many and no, I don’t think I will ever sell them. I’m not like that. It’s only going to get bigger from here. I mean, Haikyuu is still releasing figures. I may have stopped buying books and makeup but my monies are definitely going somewhere else. 😉


3 thoughts on “#T5W Rewind | Merch Monster!

    • I like the larger Funko Pops… Smaug, Hagrid, etc. I have a glow in the dark All-Might that I love.

      Isn’t he?! It comes with a cute Potya too. I want it so bad. And yes, Haikyuu has ruined my life. And wallet lol.

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