For April, I will try to blog more often. I hope. Don’t take me seriously. LOL.

This week’s Top Ten Tuesday the 10 Characters I Liked That Were in Books I Didn’t Like.

This list was actually easier than I thought. I don’t dislike that very many books; I’m usually a good judge of picking reads that I think I will like. It’s usually when I buy into the hype that I get those random 3-star reads or less. But I tend to like certain characters even if the book overall wasn’t up to my liking.

Again, we’ll try for ten. Here goes…

Nikolai, Genya, and David from The Grishaverse.
Is that the official trilogy name now? I don’t know. I didn’t like this trilogy. But Nikolai was a brilliant character. I kept reading the books because of him but in the end, there wasn’t enough. Then Genya and David’s relationship was suddenly introduced and developed towards the end out of almost nowhere. It also kept me going to see where they’ll end up. Forget Alina and that loser Mal, I wanted more of Genya and David.

Kaden > Rafe from The Remnant Chronicles.
I didn’t hate this trilogy particularly. I actually kind of liked it – definitely more than the other “popular” YA trilogies I’ve read in the past year or so. But I had problems with the main girl and the first book was kind of disappointing to I guess it counts. I say Kaden more than Rafe even though I liked both boys. I did kind of hate Rafe at some point in the trilogy but things got better eventually. I won’t say why because that’s a potential spoiler. 😉

Wolf from Scarlet.
Scarlet is my least favorite book from the Lunar Chronicles. And I don’t like Scarlet, the character, as much as the rest of the main crew. I thought she was just there… a tool so there’s a red-headed girl to represent Red Riding Hood. But Wolf was such a delight to read about. I loved every scene that included him, even in the graphic novels. To the end, I wanted all the best for him — and it made Scarlet more bearable for me.

Julian from Caraval.
Giiirl, I didn’t like this book AT ALL. Scarlett Dragna is one of the worst characters I’ve ever read. And I think even Julian knows! He called out her BS multiple times in the book. That is what made me like him out of the many bad characters in this book.

Minho from The Scorch Trials.
I did like The Maze Runner. Except for Theresa. What the hell happened to everyone in The Scorch Trials? But I’m glad I still liked Minho. I also like him in the movies. He’s a solid character and at least the author didn’t mess with him as the series went awfully downhill.

Mather from Snow Like Ashes.
I was so badly disappointed with this book. It was sold as this whimsical world divided into seasons but it wasn’t really like that. Then the writing was amateurish. I was told it got better but I… maybe. I haven’t dropped this trilogy officially yet. However, I liked Mather from the get-go. Meira was okay too. But like I said in my review (somewhere here on the blog or on GoodReads), the best thing about this book was the love triangle. Yes.

And that is it. I had more on my list but these are the only ones I felt rather strongly about. And looking at this list, even if I loved these books, these characters will still be my favorites. 🙂


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