WRAP-UP | WINTER [12/22/17 through 3/19/18]

Check out my Autumn wrap-up here. 

My Winter reading season was a good one. I read 30 things: 7 audio books and 16 graphic novels/manga. I finished a series through audio book, something that I started last season. I found a new favorite author. Also, I fell in love with a manga series. Overall, it was a better reading season than the last. There were clear favorites and a couple of not so favorites.

Let’s start with the cutest.

Gakuen Babysitters manga by Hari Tokeino.
School Babysitters if you go by the Crunchyroll translation of the anime. Like with every manga that I decide to read, I came across the anime adaptation first. I actually love the manga more now that I’m 9 volumes deep, as of the posting of this blog. I love all the characters – especially Usaida and now, Saikawa. There are some really deep and heart-warming storylines that brought tears to my eyes. I really wanted a lot of them animated but you can only fit so much in a 12-episode anime.

The Lunar Chronicles audiobooks by Marissa Meyer, narrated by Rebecca Soler.
I read Scarlet, Cress, and Winter almost back-to-back-to-back. I had to wait to be approved for Cress on Overdrive and Winter was available soon after. It was a good decision to read this series on audio because of the different voices portrayed by Rebecca Soler. Scarlet’s accent would’ve been more consistent but it was still distinct. Now when I read the graphic novel, Wires and Nerve, I hear Iko’s voice in my head. This is a retelling done so very right. It’s now one of my favorites.

Orange: Future by Ichigo Takano.
This won’t be a favorites list without Orange, specifically the volume centered around the best boy ever, Hiroto Suwa. This was heartbreaking. It’s Orange in Suwa’s POV… as if the main series wasn’t heartbreaking enough. But he’s my best-est boy so he’ll be okay. We love him. XD But really, Orange is one of my favorite manga and this addition definitely proved that to be still true.

Sierra Simone and her New Camelot trilogy.
I previously read Priest and Midnight Mass last season back-to-back and loved it. I decided to check out her other works and saw this trilogy… which I also read one right after the other. And guys, as whacko and impossible as some of the plotlines are in this, I loved it. I devoured it so fast. I want an Embry in my life. OMG, forget hot — this was on fire! I am determined to read all of her work.

My Brother’s Husband, Volume 1 by Gengoroh Tagame.
I will never stop singing the praises for this manga. Where is volume 2 in English? I need it so bad. What I like best about this the gentle way of talking about a taboo topic. It felt hesitant, tender, real. It showed respect. Yes, there is a difference in culture but you see them working with and through that. It’s so good. Read it, please.

Some honorable mentions are the WAGs duology by Sarina BowenElle Kennedy and Suffer the Children by Craig DiLouie which was narrated by RC Bray. I can’t put every NA book that I enjoy on this list, can I? XD WAGs consists of Good Boy and Stay. They’re companion novels to my other favorite duology, Him and UsSuffer the Children is a chilling story about a virus that only affects children and the lengths parents go to save them. I read that The Martian by Andy Weir was narrated by the same voice actor so I might just listen to that sooner rather than later.

I know I said that I won’t rely on manga for numbers but hey, I can’t help it. I already passed my 25-book a year mark and that’s definitely with the help of a handful of manga. Especially now that I’m 10 volumes deep into Gakuen Babysitters. Add Haikyuu and My Hero Academia… yeah. But I am keeping up with my reading in other formats.

My Kobo Aura ONE and Overdrive have been lifesavers. I’m glad I have them. Now, I just have to work through the books that I physically own. Good luck to me.


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