Kobo Aura ONE – Limited Edition: A Non-Review

So… I did a thing. I bought a thing. I got it yesterday and already, it’s one of the best things ever!


Let me introduce you to my new Kobo Aura ONE 32 GB Limited Edition. Yes. After eight years, your girl got herself an e-ink e-reader. My first ever digital reader was the 1st generation Barnes and Noble Nook. You know, that one with the colored panel at the bottom? Yeah, I wasn’t much of a fan of that. Then my 2nd e-reader was the Kindle Fire HD 32 GB. I’ve been using it a lot again lately because I love the Kindle’s feature of putting how many minutes are left in the chapter/book. But Amazon’s ecosystem is quite limiting even with its large selection of books on sale. Then upon its release, I bought the Barnes & Noble Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 Nook. I love it. I now mainly use it for manga reading because it’s basically a Samsung Tab 4. And I also put videos on there so I can bring it on the go with me.

So with two perfectly working e-reader tablets, what is the Kobo Aura ONE for?

I’m going to sound so frivolous right now and say that I just wanted one. Plain and simple. It’s a Christmas gift to myself. Let this girl be! <(`^´)>

No, really. I just wanted an e-ink e-reader. I wanted something light that I can carry with me in my purse without my shoulder giving out. I want something that won’t kill my eyes when I read in the dark. I want something simple.

I can’t tell you how many times I put a Kindle Paperwhite in my Amazon cart. Hell, I even bid for a pre-owned Paperwhite on eBay one time, $60 with a magnetic case. I was outbid. It wasn’t for me, I guess. I had tabs open with Amazon and Barnes & Noble e-ink readers, going back and forth, weighing their pros and cons. It never had the courage to go through and buy them. The number one reason is the 4-8 GB capacity. I know that is a lot of storage space if you think about it but all my previous tablets had 32 GB capacity. It’s a personal quirk. Nothing against gadgets with lower gigabyte numbers.

I’ve been eyeing Kobo throughout this fascination of e-ink devices. I saw them being sold at my local independent bookstores years ago. Back then, they were these little tablets, smaller than A4 sized notebook. Then on this latest e-ink device hunt, I figured that I already have a Kindle and a nook, I might as well check out a Kobo. It supports more file formats like the nook and it has all the reading tracker things that I loved in Kindle devices.

Around the time when I was sold on getting a Kobo, they announced they were releasing a limited edition of their flagship device, the Kobo Aura ONE with 32 GB capacity to cater to manga/graphic novel readers. (Amazon also released their Kindle Oasis which has a 32 GB I know from using my Nook Tablet with 8 GB memory that you can only put about 10 volumes (depending on the file size of each) of manga before your device starts to freeze up, not counting your e-book files. So I waited a bit longer and when December 6 came around, I closed my eyes and let my bank account weep for a bit.

Upon receiving it, I knew that I will not have any regrets.

It’s larger than your usual e-reader. The screen is almost 8″, almost as big as a trade paperback. I’m not really particular with the brightness or lighting and whatnot but I can already tell that my eyes already love me after one day of using this device. I love that there’s so much reading space. I’ve played around with settings and options, tweaking the fonts and brightness here and there. I preferred to turn the natural light option off. Reading an orange screen is rather strange.

It’s so easy to navigate. Coming from e-reader tablets with full and fast-reacting touch screens, I thought I was going to have #firstworldproblems with how this matte screen would react. But nope, I don’t mind the slower reaction speed. It’s definitely noticeable when reading manga. It took me a few swipes for some pages to turn. But again, no biggie. A few more swipes won’t kill me. And oh, did I mention this is waterproof? Not that I’ll read near water any time soon but that’s good to know.

Also, look at how it bookmarks pages. DOG EARS! This is honestly the very first time I’ll do that on any kind of book. On here, I think it’s cute. I won’t go out and do it on my physical books but at least I can experience it through the Kobo.

I tried reading a manga on it last night. To be fair, I still prefer my nook for that job but it wasn’t bad here too. And it’s so light! Considering its size, it’s the lightest e-reader I’ve owned ever. It’s half a pound or 230 grams. It occupies the thinnest of spaces in my purse and really, my paperback is heavier. I’m so excited to travel with this thing.

Of course, I will have to get a case. Not the expensive, magnetic ones. I have my eye on some etsy pieces… or I can just crochet something myself just like the owl case I made for my nook. It’s so thin that I’m scared I might snap it. XD

Yes, it does come with quite a hefty price tag. And frankly, some ebooks aren’t any cheaper than physical books. But I do like reading on e-readers probably as much as I do physical books. With careful usage, I’m pretty sure this will last me a long time… and I’m very careful. I got my Kindle Fire HD in 2012 and it still looks as good as new today. My only issue with my Samsung Tab 4 nook, purchased in 2014, was the external micro SD card that I introduced. It was back to normal after a simple reformatting. So I think little miss Kobo Aura ONE LE will eventually pay for itself with the convenience and the features that it provides. Even my brother is excited to use it.

Don’t you worry. I will definitely still use my other e-readers. Especially my nook tablet because it does serve purposes other than reading. Hey, I’m a self-confessed tablet addict. I want them all. But I think I found my ride-or-die e-reader in this one. Yeah, she’s a winner.



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