This week, we are talking about Characters On Our Naughty List.

A day late. I didn’t go to work yesterday and I blog at work. Shhh, don’t tell anyone. 😉

One character entered my mind the moment I read the December topics, specifically for this week. One male character would’ve been my whole list. Then I thought of more characters with similar traits as this person. Then another. Three little bitches. But then I needed girls in my list. So I found 2.

I won’t be putting direct antagonists or villains. Thiago from Daughter of Smoke and Bone made my draft but I figured, the was written to be disliked. Sutter Keely of The Spectacular Now is extremely unlikable and I think that was on purpose. I’m not the biggest fan of Katniss from The Hunger Games but I do like her a whole heckuva lot.

But there are some characters that I dislike so much, I’m tempted to skip their chapters if they get a POV. Yup. Some I dislike so damn much, I ended up disliking the book/series. Not sorry. And I swear in this post. Be warned.

MALYEN ORETSEV, The Grishaverse.
Oh Mal. I could state him as my answer five times over and this’ll be the easiest Top 5 Wednesday ever. Mal is a bitch. Froget brooding, he’s a whiny bitch. I never liked him from the get-go. Hell, I ended up disliking the Grisha trilogy because there was too much of him and the canon pairing featured him. He didn’t deserve any good thing that happened to him. I don’t ever want to see him again. LOL.

TAMLIN, A Court of Thorns and Roses.
Here comes another little bitch. A weepy bitch this time. I don’t know about you but my picture of Tamlin in my head is Fabio. You know, a tanned and muscly guy with long wavy hair. That’s Tamlin to me. So imagine that throwing an actual kiddie tantrum, destroying a room, and pounding his fists on the floor crying. Also, I liked him during the first half of ACOTAR. I honestly thought he was OTP. Until it turned out that he’s pretty irrelevant to the whole trilogy after all. Gee thanks, Sarah. But hey, he was an effective Mean Girl character.

Lets round up the little bitches with —

FELIX WOLFE, Wolf by Wolf.
I actually loved Felix at the very start of the story. I felt so sorry for him. He wanted to save his family from ruin and get his sister back. But holy shit, after everything they went through, he didn’t even care for the others who had a hand at saving him. He had a one-track mind that all he needed was Adele and everyone else can die, for all he cares. He didn’t deserve the ending he got and geez, I regret investing emotions on his character.

LAOGHAIRE, Outlander.
“Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.” Yeah, but girl… he ain’t even yours to begin with. She wanted Jamie but Jamie didn’t want her. Jamie will always come back to Claire. I actually do like her character but she’s in my naughty list because Laoghaire acted so entitled to Jamie with no reason at all.

One of the stupidest characters I’ve ever read all year. Even the other characters were actively calling out her bullshit. She is so frustrating but of course she gets away with it. Everyone in the book was pulling her along and she believed every damn thing. No. Forget you, Scarlett.

That felt good. Very good.


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