This week, we are talking about our Bookish Things You’re A Grinch About.

Or bookish pet peeves. What ever floats your boat. But try not to get too-too serious about it. It’s the little nitpicky things. Or it can be huge ground-breaking issues too. Heh.

It’s all in good fun. No need to get hostile or defensive about these lists. I mean, we still read these books anyway whether it has a love triangle or absentee parent, right? It’s our shared dislike or disagreement in opinions that keep up together. And that’s beautiful.

With that said, here’s my list of “little things” that tick me off in the book scene:

Yes, people. They’re cute but I don’t like them. There’s this boba magnetic bookmark that I wanted but then I thought… I don’t use those. I have those Harry Potter ones from Target but when I tried using one on a rather large tome, I didn’t like the way it looked and the way it was bulky in between the pages. No. Just… no. There are some adorable Yuri On Ice ones that I wanted off of Etsy but you can’t make me use magnetic bookmarks for any kind of book. On planners and journals, maybe, but not for books.

At least we have re-reads now. But half-stars is a must. I know you can choose to round up or down your half rating but there’s a huge difference between a 3- and a 4-star rating psychologically. I’d rather gravitate towards a book with a 3.8 star rating than a 3.4 stars. It does force the reader to be firm with his/her rating but still, that half-star is a huge thing.

My example for this is The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss. Prior to purchasing the 10th anniversary edition last month, all of the bookstores I visited only have mass market paperback copies. Same with the Mistborn trilogy (but I’ve decided to go to Book Depository for my Sanderson fix). I know it’s a space issue but still!

I see this especially with Magical Realism books. It has the author bio on the back and a bunch of quoted reviews. Inside, even more starred reviews. But no summary. What the hell is this book about?! I still do check GoodReads when book shopping but how will you interest your reader if you don’t have a summary of your book when people can read it? Do you want me to judge your book by its cover? Well, better make it an exceptional cover then.

Khrysthyne Mharie von Auslesse, Jaxon Vryanth [title of book as character’s last name]. What’s up, New Adult? Nothing wrong with the standard spellings of Kristine or Christine. (Although, I do know someone who actually named their child exactly how that name is spelled above. Poor kid.) I can take it from Fantasy novels, the crazier the better. But these NA authors have the most creative names that it trips me up every time I encounter one on the page. So much that I have to audio book instead.

Well, that was cathartic. XD


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