#T5W | Fictional Boyfriends of Years Past

This week, we are talking about our Nostalgic Fictional Boyfriends/Girlfriends.

I tried to think of book boyfriends but I never got into those until recently. Like… 3 years ago recent. I mean, I can still list those out but I decided to reach farther back into my fangirl history. I have a pick each from a TV show, film, anime, video game, and of course, a book series.

My personality is dangerous – for my mind, heart, and wallet – when it comes to obsessions. So needless to say, once I get attached, I’m never letting go.

Let’s get this out of the way, shall we? I know every Top 5 Wednesday topic has room for a Harry Potter character so here we go:

Oliver Wood, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone film.
Yes, specifically the film. Because Sean Biggerstaff. This is also the reason why I am so salty about the lack of Quidditch in the 3rd film. The screen would light up whenever he’s there; I would rewatch Great Hall scenes just to see Oliver Wood. In fact, my first ever celebrity autograph was of Sean’s. So yeah, not only do I hang on to every Oliver Wood scene, I’ve checked out every one of Sean Biggerstaff’s other works.

Leon S. Kennedy, specifically in Resident Evil: Degeneration.
And Resident Evil 4. And 2. Actually, every reincarnation except the live action travesty. I hardcore ship him with Claire Redfield. He’s grown so much in the course of the games, from being the unluckiest rookie cop of Raccoon City to the badass agent and zombie killer that he is currently. But hot damn, that fringe! That voice! He’s hot. That’s all I can say.

Michael Vaughn, Alias.
Where do I even begin? He’s the reason why I watched Alias. While I did like Sydney and Jack and the whole double-triple agent drama, it was Vaughn that made me stay through to the end. I was a SydVaughn shipper and hated every other character paired with him LOL. Yes, I was super invested. I loved how low-key he was yet so dependable at the same time. There was a quiet strength in his character and Michael Vartan portrayed that so well.

Mamoru Chiba, Sailor Moon.
Here’s the thing… I loved Tuxedo Mask. But I hated Moonlight Knight (or Knight of the Moonlight if you happened to watch Sailor Moon R in the Philippines). I am aware that he is just another one of Mamo’s alter-egos but try explaining that to four-year-old me. (Yes, I was basically born an otaku – I started watching anime way before I knew what cartoons were.) I reacted negatively to anything that came in the way of my first OTP, Sailor Moon x Tuxedo Mask. I can confidently say that this character is my first ever crush.

And finally, for the book pick… Ned Nickerson, Nancy Drew Mysteries.
Nancy is damn lucky to find not only friends but a boyfriend that likes the same stuff and activities as her. He’s as interested in solving mysteries and is willing to help out with his own group of “chums”. And the way he is described in the books is attractive to me. He seems like a good guy. Boyfriend material. Someone you can take home to mama.

In my draft, I put Legolas on there but everybody has in on their list so I think that’s a given. Really, just put Orlando Bloom. XD



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