Can you believe we only have two months left in 2017? I mean… how did that happen?

It was raining 4 and 5 stars in my reading world for October. I read 13 books, 3 of those are audio books and five are graphic novels/manga. Actually, I was planning to post this yesterday but good thing I didn’t. I managed to squeeze in one more short story on the final minutes of October bringing my total to 13 instead of 12.

I didn’t read a lot of horror or mysteries as a lot of people do during October. For some reason, I associate scary stuff more in November. That’s when I tend to read more fantasy and try to finish out series. Mistborn trilogy will definitely be finished out by the end of the month for Tome Topple Round 5. As always, I plan to make a dent on the NA books I’ve been acquiring. I’m still testing the waters and so far, the ones I liked the most are M/M stories and those with taboo topics. Hey, I’m curious!

So let’s see how my month went, shall we?

I participated in one readathon: #GetGraphic Readathon. I ended up reading 5 things but not Maus. Again.


  • Priest by Sierra Simone. Forgive me, Father (Bell), but I fcking loved this book. I saw this in passing on my GoodReads feed and the premise sounded so sinful and steamy. And it was. It’s about a priest falling in love with one of his parishioners. It sounds so wrong but it made for such a compelling – and very human – read. 4 stars.
  • The Creeps by Fran Krause. I still have to write up a Blogging for Books review for this. This is sort of a picture book of people’s “fears” from the small things to the paranormal to the profound. I quite enjoyed it. 4 stars.
  • Barakamon Vol 3 and 4 by Satsuki Yoshino. Volume 3 is probably one of my favorites so far. It’s definitely one of my favorite episodes from the anime adaptation. I gave that 4 stars. Volume 4 however got 5 stars. Naru is just the best-est kid.
  • Gyo by Junji Ito. Not as good as Uzumaki but definitely a more enjoyable read than Tomie. It’s about stinky dead fish with mechanical legs invading dry land. 5 stars.
  • My Hero Academia Vol 1 by Kohei Horikoshi. I loved the first season of the anime and am currently fourth of the way through the second. I love everyone in this story. And it seems like the anime is a super faithful adaptation. I cannot wait to read more. PLUS ULTRA! 5 stars.
  • Bitterblue by Kristin Cashore. I finished Fire in March of 2016. It took me this long to finally finish this trilogy. I did try to read this a long time ago, I do own a hardcover. But the one character named “Death” but rhymes with “teeth” was throwing me off. When I finally got Overdrive to work for me, it was time. I loved the audio narration. Bitterblue is so precious. But Po from Graceling is definitely book boyfriend. 5 stars.
  • Sweetness & Lightning Vol 4 by Gido AmagakureI think the anime stops here. I loved it. I absolutely love everything about this manga/anime. I wish it could continue to be adapted into a show. 5 stars.
  • Midnight Mass by Sierra Simone. More Father Bell goodness! This is a novella set three years after the events of Priest. It’s just as sinful, just as good. 4 stars.
  • Days of Blood and Starlight by Laini TaylorAudio. The audio book is a gift from the gods. I tried reading this not too long ago but I wasn’t in the mood for it yet. But I saw the audio book was available so I jumped at the chance. It is a work of art. The book itself is an intricate masterpiece. Zuzana is the best girl ever. This was marvelous. 5 stars.
  • Night of Cake and Puppets by Laini Taylor. Audio. A dual-narrator audio book of the novella that is about Mik and Zuzana’s first date. It’s the most precious thing! 4 stars.
  • Origin by Dan Brown. 7 of 7 for Dan Brown’s works. I admit, this had me slumping a little bit. It’s his usual Robert Langdon formula and it’s not as complicated as the ones that came before this. But it’s a very easy read. 4 stars.
  • Life After Legend by Marie Lu. This was the pre-order perk for Warcross and I managed to read this in 20 minutes last night. This was the Champion epilogue in Day’s perspective. As you know, I was destroyed by that epilogue. Therefore, this short story effectively destroyed me as well. 5 stars.


  • 3656 pages (I don’t remember how many pages Life After Legend is so I put in 20.)
  • 5 graphic works and 3 audio books.

As for book purchases… well, that deserves its own post. I received 27 books this month. It’s a mixture of post-birthday coupons, Book Outlet’s Booktober Fest, signed new releases, and a surprise find. I’ll try to gather them into one post so I can show them all to you guys. I’m super excited for all of them.

We’re on the final stretch for 2017. How many more books can I fit in? 😉



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