#T5W | Hate-to-Love

This week, we are talking about Hate to Love ShipsBe aware of possible SPOILERS.

Okay, so this week’s list will be a bit half-assed. I’m currently in total planning mode for Anime Expo 2017 happening this weekend until Tuesday, 4th of July. They just announced the event schedules for the creators of Yuri!!! ON ICEMitsurou Kubo and Sayo Yamamoto and frankly, I’m freaking out. I’m looking at my July 1 plans and I’m low-key overwhelmed, a bit anxious, but so very excited. I never planned this extensively for any conventions but this year looks so jam packed.

(If you don’t know what Yuri!!! ON ICE is then you must remedy that right now. If you’re bitching about the book community’s lack of diversity, this anime will answer all your woes. It has LGBTQ+ themes, cultural diversity, mental illness, characters of different ages, races, species, love, life, friendship… everything!)

Hate-to-love ships. I thought this would be an easy list but as I looked through my shelves, either I haven’t read that many romances or I just don’t care about ships much. I tend to be more invested in screen ships – TV, anime, film – than book ships. I actually consider book ships more canon, if that makes any sense. Once the ink is dry, it’s official… something like that. But I managed to compose a decent list. I’m just so distracted right now with the AX2017 planning situation.

(By the way, who’s going to Anime Expo? Comment down below if you are.)

You can take your Mr. Darcy, I don’t care. I’m #TeamRochester all the way. These two have such a cat and mouse relationship. She’s no damsel in distress. His terms of endearment come in the form of insults. She honestly blurts out that he is not handsome. He teases her every chance he gets. But you know – YOU KNOW – that they have feelings for each other. It’s just that both of them are stubborn as hell.

MUSTANG & DARROW, Red Rising trilogy.
Now, Darrow “hated” Mustang at first because of she is one of the Golds. Darrow, a Red, hates that level of society as a whole. He kind of just lumps everyone in there just because. But later on, he gets to know Mustang. Mustang admires Darrow but from the outside, she had to keep up appearances, having to come from an esteemed family. They eventually find an ally in one another.

YAEL & LUKA, Wolf by Wolf duology.
Picture a world where Hitler and the Nazis won. She’s Jewish. He’s Aryan. They don’t even need to talk to hate each other. But when you experience something traumatic together, a special bond is going to form. I was rooting for these two characters from the first time they met. Yael is a strong female character and Luka is this arrogant yet goofy boy with a serious side. Sigh. My feelz!

JUNE & DAY, Legend trilogy.
Same with the above entries, these two hate each other by virtue to their social status. June is rich, Day is poor. June is the darling of the Republic while Day is Public Enemy Number One. Then they start to get to know each other, working with one another, and understanding where the other is coming from. Both of them eventually see the good in each other. The ending of this trilogy killed me. These two killed my feelz.

And I give in, guys. FEYRE & RHYSAND, A Court of Mist and Fury trilogy.
I knew from the get-go that these two will be the main ship of the series. Tamlin was just too unlikable to bear. This is a one-sided “hate” since it was only Feyre who disliked Rhysand. He’s been in love with her from the moment they met. And he’s so nice to her… granted I’ve only read the first two books. Rhysand’s Inner Circle is probably the best group of people in Fantasy YA in a long time. Everyone supports each other and all of them are likable. And I love how SJM handled this ship… I was convinced that Tamlin is going to be the one; I was ready to hate. But I felt like this change happened organically. I really like it.

This took four hours to type out, in between me doing actual work and Anime Expo stressing and planning. I hope you guys have a good rest of the week and an awesome Fourth of July weekend. I know I will.


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