#T5W | B-Team Romance

This week, we are talking about Favorite Side Ships.

Or what my brother and I call “B-Team Romance”.  I can mention so many of these from anime. Who knows, maybe one or two will be on this list. It’s basically relationships that does not include the main character of the story. I am only including canon ships here so be warned of SPOILERS.

So technically, Ron/Hermione can be a side ship since Harry is the very main character but I personally consider Ron and Hermione main characters too. That is one of my very favorite ships and I am willing to fight anyone who says they should’ve ended up with different people. I know that even JKR is not a fan but this is a good example of characters having a life of their own. Fleur/Charlie is more side ship-y to me. Arthur/Molly, even. James/Lily. (Fun fact: I used to write James/Lily fics exclusively when I was in high school.)

Anyway, here’s my list… and some honorable mentions. Because I tend to like side ships more than the main ones. 😉

AZU & HAGITA, Orange.
While I am very firmly a lifetime member of #TeamSuwa, I was rooting for these two misfits the whole time. Hagita is that one odd and awkward friend in the group while Azu is the social butterfly. Even their friends are pairing them together. They are pairing themselves up. Hagita once invited Azu to train with him for the school race and Azu is always picking on Hagita. Although, she was the one who said that Hagita looked like an angel without his glasses… which I tend to agree.

ALUCARD / RHYS, Shades of Magic trilogy.
Notice the use of the slash there? Yes, they are the sweetest and most angsty pairing in this trilogy. Oh goodness, the pining… whoo, Alucard really punished himself for what he “had to do” to and for Rhys. I had legit tears in my eyes during their scenes; the scenes where they talk it out and where Rhys is pleading for Alucard to not leave again. That right there is my favorite kind of fanfiction (which I find in abundance in Yuri!!! ON ICE fics).

JOHN / TIMOFEI, Aerial Ethereal duology.
I’ve yet to decide whether to DNF Infini or not but these two might just be enough to keep me going. I don’t care about the main pairing in both books but I wanted John and Timofei to be canon so bad. They are so cute together! John pretends he’s jaded and fed up of the Aerial Ethereal performers having their way and here comes free spirited Timo trying to thaw him. So fcking cute!

GENYA & DAVID, The Grisha trilogy.
I will go as far as saying that they were the only pairing I cared about in this whole trilogy. Add Nikolai and there’s the list of the only characters I cared about. David doesn’t care about any other living being apart from Genya. I love that they complement each other even though on the outside, they are opposites.

JENNY & IAN, Outlander series.
Domestic bliss. Who said that everything changes once you get married? Jenny is a strong and capable woman who loves her equally strong and capable husband. The love they have for each other is so sweet and they’re the best couple in this whole book. Yes, more than Claire and Jamie. 

Here are a few honorable mentions:

Hori-senpai & Kashima-kun, Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun.
Note this: Hori is the guy, Kashima is the girl. She is considerably taller than him. They don’t know they like each other but it’s obvious they do. Hori can pick out Kashima’s legs from a headless and torso-less lineup. Kashima always looks up (pun intended) and after Hori and wants to please him all the time.

Effie x Haymitch, The Hunger Games trilogy.
I use “x” here. If you know your fanfiction terms, you’ll know what it means. 😉 They’re movie-canon but it’s not so clear in the book, that’s why they didn’t make the main list. But I’m glad that in the movie-verse, they shared a sweet kiss.

Ricardo Fellini & Kirara, Gundam Build Fighters.
If you don’t watch this anime, you won’t understand. But these two are the unsung pairing of the show. Sei and China are just too young. Reiji and Aila are otherwordly. But Fellini and Kirara are the cutest second to Bearguy III.

Eowyn & Faramir, The Lord of the Rings.
The only people in the whole saga who will have a happily-ever-after.

Thank goodness fanfiction exists. That way, we can breathe life into these b-team romances.


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