#BookmarkMonday | Remove My Bookmark

… and I remove your face!

I have a fun bookmark for you today. I found this at a used bookstore. It wasn’t exactly for sale. It was stuck in one of the books on the shelves. I saw the tassel sticking out and it was such a funny bookmark, I had to get it.

Apart from book shopping, I keep an eye open for random stuff in between the pages of a book at a used bookstore. You’ll never know what you’ll find. Bookmarks, photos, letters, flowers, stamps, tickets, post cards… I’ve found all of that. My favorite is the letters, the dedications. I’ve found pictures too. I usually don’t keep them unless they’re old or if they give me Miss Peregrine’s vibe.

So here’s one of my favorite finds. It looks a bit old; the tassel is flat, frayed, and grayed. Pictured with a General Piggy who looks more adorable than menacing. I use this bookmark whenever I’m reading huge books and A Court of Mist and Fury definitely is one of those. I prefer using bookmarks with tassels. 🙂

The host, GuiltlessReading, has a question:


I’m just trying to survive this week because I have an anime convention on Saturday. the inaugural Ronin Expo. I’ve been craving conventions for such a long time; my last one was back in January. So this is like a primer to AX2017. I am so excited!


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