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This week, we are talking about Favorite Minor Characters.

First of all, everyone will have a different definition of “side character”. To you, Hermione and Ron are considered minor characters but to me, they’re not. Same with Hiroto Suwa from Orange. I still consider him a main character. The prompt itself provided a good explanation, “I’d consider Ron and Hermione side characters, while Lavender Brown, Oliver Wood, and Dean Thomas are minor characters.” So why don’t I start my list there…

Oliver Wood from Harry PotterThis character is the reason why Azkaban is my favorite book and least favorite movie. There were whole chapters dedicated to Quidditch in the book while it was totally scrapped in the movie. That never made any sense to me. Not to mention the actor who played him, Sean Biggerstaff, is a hottie. Fun fact, my first ever autographed anything was from him. A very younger me sent him fanmail, sent it to the ether and forgot about it. Months after, I receive a wallet-sized signed headshot photo, signed and personalized. I wish I knew where it is now… probably still in my childhood home in the Philippines.

The Phantomhive Servants – Finnian, Mey-rin, and Baldo – from Black Butler. Tanaka too and Snake. But there’s an entire arc and anime season touching into Snake’s backstory while we only got one episode/chapter for these three. They’re basically the comic relief of this whole series. They’re pretty much useless as actual servants. Finny destroys all the plants he’s supposed to take care of, Baldo’s idea of cooking is with explosives, and Mey-rin is so airheaded, she mistakes shoe polish to shine wax. But they’re not hired to cook and clean. Sebastian hired them for their combat skill to protect the manor and its Earl Ciel Phantomhive. The page and screen becomes so much brighter when they’re around.

Baghra from The Grisha trilogy. I love her character and her role in the story. Together with David and Nikolai, she is the best part of this whole trilogy. She’s headstrong and fierce, something Alina could only hope to be. I wouldn’t mind a novella about her earlier years and how she became that way.

Yagi Yuusuke from sweetness and lightning. He’s stuck in the ever-suffering role of supportive friend. He’s friends with Inazuma-sensei since high school and he sometimes babysits Tsumugi. He owns a restaurant and he at times lends a hand at Kotori and Inazuma-sensei’s cooking lessons. He gets his ingredients from Shinobu’s, Kotori’s best friend, grocery. I love how he gets flustered when they do stuff slowly or if he has a better method. He ends up staying and eating with them anyway.

Gyoza party!

Ham from The Mistborn trilogy. I debated about which Misting to put on this list but I decided on Ham. I love how he’s always positive and he brightens up the mood. His love for his family is unmatched. The other members of the group don’t have that. He’s a big softy.

I wish I could say more but here are my choices. I had one more, Fergus from the Outlander series, but there are enough books in that series to talk about him and his life.

Don’t you just wish that there is more material about the other characters in a book? Well, that is what fan fiction is for, yeah? 😉


7 thoughts on “#T5W | Bit Parts

  1. I haven’t read the others, but Baghra and Oliver Wood are such great choices! And bless fanfiction for always being there for us when we need more content!

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