WRAP-UP | WINTER [12/21/16 through 3/20/17]

It wasn’t hard for me to narrow down the my best reads of Winter to five titles. I read a total of 32 books, most of them are manga. I also listened to quite a few audio books. Overall, I’m happy with my result.

While I did read a lot of good books, here are five that stood out the most (in no particular order):

  • The Final Empire by Brandon Sanderson. The first book in the Mistborn trilogy. It’s a perfect starting point for fantasy. I was surprised at how easy it was to follow despite having such a large cast of characters and a not-so-simple magic system. The language was so readable. I cannot wait to get to the rest of the series… and Sanderson’s other works.
  • Spiral by Koji Suzuki. This is the 2nd book in the Ring series. I rated this 4 stars while I gave the first book 5 stars. But I chose this instead. Honestly, this is scarier, gorier, and more compelling than Ring. I was already familiar with Ring even before I realized it was a book. I gave it 5 stars because I had never read anything like it. Going into Spiral, it has somewhat the same formula – a mysterious virus that kills certain people. But oh boy. This was terrifying.
  • Battle Royale by Koushun Takami. I finally got to this masterpiece. If you thought The Hunger Games were good, you haven’t seen anything yet. There is YA and there’s Japanese YA. You have your usual young adult characters, romance, teenage angst, bullies, and school problems. Add about a ton of violence, blood, guts, gore, guns, knives, beheading, explosions, and evisceration. Yup. It makes Peeta’s abduction a vacation.
  • A Conjuring of Light by VE Schwab. The third and final book to the Shades of Magic trilogy. This was a pretty solid conclusion. I got all the feelz — dread, wondering what will happen to my faves; happiness, because they found theirs; sadness, for there were things lost. It was so good.

  • Orange by Ichigo Takano. This 5-volume manga is absolutely beautiful. Gorgeous. Also, all the feelz. Watch the anime. Watch the live action. Read the manga. Everything!

What are your top reads last winter? What is your most anticipated reads for spring? 🙂


4 thoughts on “WRAP-UP | WINTER [12/21/16 through 3/20/17]

  1. Right now I think Fullmetal Alchemist has been consistently my number one for the past few months. I’ve been devouring the series since the start of the year and I only have three volumes left.
    Age of Myth by Michael Sullivan and Steamborn by Eric. R. Asher would definitely make my top five as well.

    I’m adding Orange to my library list, I keep forgetting to check to see if they have it.

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    • Orange also has a 2-volume collection. I see it on Book Outlet from time to time. It’s such a lovely slice-of-life. 🙂 I’m trying to space out my manga reading. I originally wanted them as filler for my GR goal but they’ve been taking over. So many good ones out there. I would like to read more completed manga though.

      I’ve heard nothing but great things about Michael Sullivan’s books. I’ll have to check them out soon.


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