#T5W | Are you hiring?

This week, we are talking about FICTIONAL JOBS YOU’D WANT TO HAVE.


It could be from a book, a movie, TV show, or a video game. I think I covered all those on my list.

Ideally, my answer is anything but my current jobYep. But hey, it pays the bills, the books, and conventions so that’s why I’m still here. A fangirl can dream. I wish I were 0.00001% qualified for these jobs. I have two completely fictional jobs and two that are real, albeit I prefer the fictionalized version.

  • I would like to work in the anime industry. Blame this on the awesomeness that is Shirobako. It’s an anime about making anime. Yep, anime-ception. And it’s so good. I think this is the first slice-of-life-y show that I watched that was not set in a school and there’s no cringe-y drama in it. It has a slow start but it grew on me exponentially. It’s about five girls who were in the anime club in high school and are now in the anime industry themselves. I can’t draw but the main character herself deals with the management and desk job of making an anime. I could probably write stories and who knows, maybe dip into voice acting. 😉
  • Muggle Studies professor at Hogwarts. What better topic can a muggle-born teach? Can you imagine… teaching these wizards and witches about pop culture, fan mentality, manually moving parts, etc. I can already see so many heads exploding.
  • A Sigma Force operative. From the Sigma Force series by James Rollins. I love this series. I love all of the characters. And all of them seem to be so badass. But I really want to be Seichan, selfishly because of Commander Grayson Pierce, teh book boyfriend. LOL, for real though – they’re pretty skilled and smart people. And the adventures they go through; I don’t know how they’re still alive.
  • A bracer. From the Legend of Heroes franchise. They’re a group of people who help others whether it be something simple as changing orbal lamps to defeating cryptids and monsters. Townspeople post jobs at the bracer guild and upon completion, the bracer gets compensated plus accumulate ranking points. Yes, pretend you understand what I just said. Go play any Legend of Heroes games, especially Trails in the Sky and Trails of Cold Steel.
  • An agent of the BAU. But in the fictional Criminal Minds setting. I want that instead of the actual thing. While there is a portion of real in the reel, it is still pretty much fictional. I’ve been interested in that field since I was a kid; waaay before CSI and Criminal Minds existed. I mean, I’m still open to going into criminal justice. I’m not closing that door.

That’s my list. Now, what do you actually do? What’s your real job? I do payroll. That’s the official job description anyway.


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