#T5W | Favorite Non-Written Novels

This week, we are talking about favorite non-written novels.


Manga, audio books, graphic novels. That looks like my 2016 reading pattern. I rediscovered all three last year. I mean, I’ve read my share of comics growing up but I never read more than two in one sitting. Now, I realized that I prefer manga over graphic novels and comics. And I tend to enjoy sci-fi mystery thriller audio books. Nothing else holds my attention long enough for me to tune it out without getting lost. But I’ve found some. And I hope to find more.

I was tempted to fill this list with manga but I already have several posts about that here and here. They also feature heavily in my wrap-ups later last year. I mean, they’re a good way to catch up to your GoodReads reading goal. Same with graphic novels. But I really enjoy manga more. Reading sequential art from right to left is more natural to me. It’s confuses me so much when I go back to graphic novels and then I just end up putting it down. As much as I enjoy superheroes and fantastical beings in panels, I much prefer my big-eyed adorable boys and girls of manga.

But that I not to say I don’t have any graphic novels in this list. Read on to find out!

  • [GRAPHIC NOVEL] Saga by Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples. I enjoyed this from the first page of the first volume to the last page of the sixth. I’m sure you already know what this is about so I won’t go on about it. While set in a fictional outer space with aliens, the story and their struggles feel so human. And it is just so funny. You can’t help but root for these characters. Even those who you would initially view as a bad guy. I can’t wait for the next volume. Then I’ll read it in 20 minutes. Sigh.
  • [GRAPHIC NOVEL] LegendThe Graphic Novel by Marie Lu, Leigh Dragoon, and Kaari. This served as a perfect catch-up when I read the trilogy last year. I read the Legend graphic novel before I started Prodigy then that book’s graphic novel adaptation before I read Champion. To see what Day looked like… so good! And you bet I pre-ordered the Champion graphic novel. It’s set to be released in April.
  • [MANGA] One-Punch Man by ONE. That’s the page on the right. Yes, Saitama, our hero pictured right there on the bottom, looks like that – and no, he doesn’t look like that really. That’s part of his charm. The strongest “heroism-as-a-hobby” hero. He’s surrounded by a bunch of characters who are equally funny and endearing. Everyone is a foil to each other. They all have their own out-of-this-world powers and abilities that make them special. And while you’re at it, go watch the anime. It’ll be so worth it. English or Japanese, they’re equally funny.
  • [MANGA] Black Butler by Yana Toboso. I had a tough time choosing another manga for this list. Everything I’ve read so far has been so good. But I have to mention Black Butler. I exclusively watched the entirety of the anime not too long ago but I’ve always wanted to read the manga. And now I’m reading it and I can’t stop thinking about it. I’m tempted to just sit down and marathon through everything but I don’t want to burn myself out. Anime goes by faster so it’s easier to digest. The manga is still on-going after all so I’m in no hurry to catch up. Having watched the anime first, I have the characters’ Japanese voices in my head as I read. Especially Finnian because he was voiced by one of my favorite seiyuu, Yuuki Kaji. I can’t with the English dub, sorry.

  • [AUDIO BOOK] Any James Rollins book on audio. I’m currently in the middle of The Bone Labyrinth, narrated by Christian Baskous. I’m enjoying it a lot. He’s doing a good job with giving each character a different voice or accent. I previously listened to Sandstorm and Subterranean narrated by John Meagher. He is my favorite of all the narrators so far. Now that Goodreads counts re-reads, I’m definitely going to listen to the other Sigma Force books that I already read. I’m so familiar with James Rollins’ style of storytelling that I can afford to dedicate half my attention to it without getting lost. And I love his Sigma Force characters. I am still going to read physical copies when I feel like it but right now, HOOPLA has so many of his work on audio so I’ll be pretty busy on that front for a while.

Question: Where do you guys get your audio books? I want to explore this medium and while Hoopla has been a very good resource, I’m curious to see where else you get it. I do have some titles on Audible. What books can you recommend? YA or Fantasy. I’m not much for contemporary. But mystery thrillers are always welcome. Thanks!


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