Yup, two author signing days in a row!


Authors Jessica Cluess and Stephanie Garber

And I almost didn’t make it to this signing. Yeah, Vroman’s Bookstore advertised this event on Facebook to start at 7PM. I got to the area at around 6-ish and decided to have dinner first. Literally, as soon as the food got to my table, the Vroman’s Instagram went LIVE with a feed of the panel. So I packed up, paid an unnecessarily large tip (which I regret now but I felt bad for the restaurant), and went over to the bookstore.

I missed quite a bit of the conversation so I’m afraid I can’t share much with you guys on that regard. From what I was able to catch, Stephanie Garber shared her road to publication. Living above her parents’ garage, working a part-time job, she wrote five previous novels before making it big with Caraval. That same morning, she received the news that her book debuted at #2 on the New York Times best seller list. CONGRATULATIONS!

Jessica Cluess, author of A Shadow Bright and Burning was there too. (And I also spotted S. Jae-Jones and Roshani Chokshi.) She asked the questions and shared something that I really appreciated. She talked of how surreal it was to release a book at a place that you either frequented when young or somewhere you worked at previously. She shared her experience when she held her book release at Barnes & Noble at The Grove. She said she used to work and she met classmates or co-workers there. It was so special to her to be the visiting author this time around rather than an employee or patron. That warmed my heart.

The Q&A portion was a blur to me. It was rather spoilery and I admit, I haven’t even flipped through the pages of this book. Hee! Soon. I promise. Someone asked a question about dresses to wear to Caraval and Stephanie’s answer was a ball gown made of huge red roses. I love red and I can so picture that dress. I want one. 😉


I love Stephanie’s energy. She was all smiles all the time. You can see her excitement about her book and how she just really likes to write. And I was so happy for her. When it came my time to have my book signed, I couldn’t help but be so excited. She lit up the whole room and it was genuine. She complimented my phone case (it was the Evil Queen and Maleficent talking a selfie together).

Overall, it was a great, and very YA two days. Keep ’em coming, Vroman’s Bookstore!



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