I was actually tagged to do this. Thanks so much, Lindsey @ Paradis Books! The original tag is by She Might Be Monica.


When a new book comes out, two questions immediately are asked: Is it any good? Will it be adapted to a screenplay? Not too long ago, it was exciting to hear that your favorite book will eventually become a movie or TV show. Now, you almost expect it. It becomes a movie or show even before it becomes your favorite. I don’t particularly have any strong opinions on this. I try not to overthink it. I was fortunate that the Harry PotterLord of the Rings, and The Hunger Games series were done right, the last being actually better than the books in my opinion. I love Outlander; the books are definitely a guilty pleasure. And for those that were disappointing, I let it go and try to forget the movie exists.

Here are some titles that I wish would have non-book adaptations. True story: I put the Wolf by Wolf duology by Ryan Graudin on all. LMAO. But then I realized that 80% of the first book is just them riding on motorcycles. As much as I love Hidalgo (because Viggo Mortensen), I don’t think that’ll make for a compelling stage play, musical, or TV show. So where did I ultimately put that title? You’ll see…


The first thing that came to mind is Vicious by VE Schwab. That read like a screenplay even. The flashbacks worked really well. And it wasn’t very complicated that you’ll have to dedicate 1.5 hours just to set up everything. A perfect book to turn into a summer rom-com is The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion. I’ve never watched a rom-com through a guy’s POV. It’s quirky and fun and I really think it’ll be a cute film, maybe starring Colin Firth. I also threw in Amy & Roger’s Epic Detour by Morgan Matson. You would think I’d put it under “musicals” ala Rock of Ages but majority of the book was just spent sitting down in the car listening to music. Might as well make that into a movie, having their route in the book as filming locations.

And oh, if Dan Brown‘s Robert Langdon series was made into movies, why not Sigma Force series by James Rollins? I really want a physical representation of Grayson Pierce.


The Parasitology trilogy by Mira Grant is like The Walking Dead and The Strain combined. I can totally see this working as a 12-episode series, each book as one season. AMC, take note. Another one is The Final Empire by Brandon Sanderson. Hey, with Game of Thrones coming to an end, this can be a perfect successor. HBO definitely has the $$ to do this.


I’m including anime because I don’t really watch cartoons anymore. But I wish Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs was made into an animated film instead. Don’t get me wrong, I did like the movie. But Tim Burton looked like he had too much fun with it. It was okay but nothing to write home about. As for anime, the Eon duology by Alison Goodman. I’m currently watching Black Butler and I totally saw a bit of Lady Dela in Grell Sutcliffe. Surely, Lady Dela is not as flamboyant as Grell but it wasn’t hard to imagine. With this book set in a very East Asian setting with dragonlore and magic, I want this as an anime.


I did tweet VE Schwab (or was it an Instagram comment) if there are any plans to have any of her books as graphic novels. The Legend trilogy by Marie Lu also has graphic novels and I enjoy them immensely. I wish A Darker Shade Of Magic would have one too. Imagine the art and colors in that!

And did you think I’d forget? Wolf by Wolf by Ryan Graudin. Yes, I put it here. Like with ADSOM, I can imagine the line art and the soft sand color that would probably be in this. While I do prefer manga over graphic novels, I am really interested to see this in panels.


I’m not much of a straight plays person but I like dinner mysteries. Coincidentally, my choice for this is The Dinner by Herman Koch. It’s dark and you only need a handful of actors.


If you know me at all, you’d know I love musicals. And I’m not talking about “Oh, Hamilton is the shiz – I LUV ALL MUSIKULZ!” I’m not one of those who jumped on that bandwagon. But In the Heights by Lin-Manuel Miranda is one of the best things I ever watched… front row and very center on Broadway on the shows final weeks with LMN as Usnavi. That, and American Idiot. But I digress.

My choice for this item is Illuminae by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff. Space opera taken quite literally. I don’t know how they’ll do it but in my head, it works! XD

If you are reading this, consider yourself tagged. Would you watch these books if they’re turned into movies or shows? I would.




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