#T5W | 2016 Reflections and 2017 Goals

This week, we are talking about 2017 GoalsAnd also a bit of 2016 reflections. I had a good reading year. I want to talk about it more.


Let’s start with 2016 reflections.

  • I read 80 books. My yearly goal is always 25. That way, I know I can read 25 books a year; anything beyond that is just extra. I wish I could be like you guys who can read 100+ books but hey, 80 is a good number.
  • In 2016, I increased my book purchases… my physical book purchases most of all. I shopped at Book Outlet and Book Depository for the first time last year. Some of my favorite purchases are from those online stores. There’s no saying no to a Book Outlet sale. And I’m a sucker for both non-US covers and free shipping so Book Depository is awesome.
  • I developed an appreciation and obsession with Japanese fiction. Pair that with my frequent visits to Kinokuniya Los Angeles, needless to say that my Japanese fiction books desperately need their own shelves.
  • I realized that I prefer manga over graphic novels. I can marathon manga like I would marathon anime. But I get bored very easily with graphic novels.
  • I CAN FINISH SERIES! Yes, I finished 7 series in 2016: Legend trilogy, Red Rising trilogy, Parasitology trilogy, His Fair Assassin trilogy, The Wrath and the Dawn duology, Wolf by Wolf duologyand  Eon duology. I now love duologies. I read them back-to-back if I can. It’s a great feeling finishing a series.

Now, on to 2017 goals.

  • I plan to read at least one book by a Japanese author per month. The Ring series by Koji Suzuki take priority. I loved Ring and I do have the next three books in the series. On booktube, I found something called “Japanese June”. I wonder if they’re still doing that.
  • I would like to post reviews more often. If you’ve noticed, I have a lot of hauls and tags but very seldom reviews. And if ever I have one, it’s sort of on the negative side. Well, it’s cathartic. 😉 But no, I would like to post more reviews. I read 80 books but how many reviews did I post in 2016? While I’m not one to make notes while reading, I do have a good memory when it comes to events. I just need to push to do it.
  • I should use my e-reader for more than just reading manga and graphic novels. I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 Nook. I quite like it. I even watch shows on it. But I only read on it when I’m on the go. I leave my physical book at home and pick up a copy or another title on my e-reader. There are times when I feel like I read faster on it than with a book. Am I crazy? LOL. But yeah, I have a lot of e-books. I should work on them.
  • I’ve been enjoying audio books lately. I only got back into them later in the year because of Hoopla. I first thought I never had the attention span for it but now I realized that I’ve been listening to the wrong books. If I want to listen to a book, thriller is my go-to genre. The James Rollins and Dan Brown types. Yeah, I’m listening to Subterranean by James Rollins right now and loving it.
  • Finish more series. It’s a good thing that I’m not in tune with the current literary trend. I’m not much into “anticipated new releases”. I have a whole backlist of books to read. It’s only last year that I read Legend by Marie Lu and Graceling by Kristin Cashore. Both of these are older trilogies but I still enjoyed them. I have a couple of older series on my shelves such as the Grisha trilogy and the Daughter of Smoke and Bone trilogy. If I can get through them this year, it would be great.

That’s it. Nothing too ambitious. I just want to keep up the momentum I gained from 2016. Happy reading!


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