End of 2016 Goals

It’s the 15th of December and we have 15-16 more days until the end of 2016. Seriously, where did the year go? It felt like it was only yesterday when I was typing out my 2016 Pop Sugar Reading Challenge.

I should have posted this at the beginning of December but life got in the way. I’m actually already on a break from work. This hasn’t been a good week. I needed to take a break or else I’ll physically break something here. So I decided to finally buckle down and write this post.

I was never much for TBRs. I like planning but I feel rather boxed in when I have a set reading list. And how do you decided what to read for that month? I may have a list in my head but never written down somewhere. There were months where I didn’t read a single book off that list. But it’s all good.

For December, how about we try this TBR thing out?

So here is my list. You can call this my December TBR. My goal before the year ends is to read these three books. Along with others, of course.

  • Champion by Marie Lu. This is my current read. I’m about halfway. Then anime happened. Oh well. I’ve enjoyed this trilogy and the graphic novel adaptations. Those helped me catch up without rereading the previous books. I love me some Day. 😉
  • The Final Empire by Brandon Sanderson. Or Mistborn if you have the US covers. I’m more than halfway through before putting it down because I previously had the mass paperback editions. I eventually jumped the gun and bought the UK covers and I realized, the pagination between the UK trade and US mass paperbacks are the same. So the UK ones have thicker pages and bigger letters! I still remember what I read so it won’t be too hard to get back into it.
  • Ring by Koji Suzuki. I have all four books. I want to get started now before it gets pushed back by 2017 books. I need to make a dent on my Japanese fiction collection in general.

I also plan to continue reading One Punch Man manga and whatever other manga that will interest me. Audiobooks are also a thing. I just started Black Order by James Rollins but I read that already so I’m thinking of listening to another book instead. But whatever I decide to do, I do want to finish the three books pictured above. Technically, it’s just two books. I’m more than halfway on two leaving Ring to be the only one unread.

I can do this. When I started 2016, I never thought I would be a book away from 75 books read by the 15th of December. Thank you everyone who found their way to my little corner of the internet, liking, commenting, following. I appreciate each and every single one of you. This has been a wonderful reading year and hopefully, it continues on to 2017!


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