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This week, we are talking about Series That Got Worse with Each Book/Season.

Click on the link for the GoodReads group. I’m saving the photo placeholder for a shining moment of my life. But first, the obligatory blather.

Everything is a series now. It’s not new to hear of TV shows lasting 10+ seasons. Some book series stretch to 20 books. Where does it end? My personal limit is 5. Books or seasons. I tend to lose interest around the 4th or 5th installment. I couldn’t finish A Feast for Crows, the 4th book in A Song of Ice and Fire series. I put The Fiery Cross on hold, the 5th book in the Outlander saga. I sort of fell of the CSI wagon after season 5.

Lately, I quit books and series at the first inkling that things are going south. I stopped watching Glee religiously after that awful “back 9” episodes of the first season. The Walking Dead lost me during that waste of time Sophia plot. I finally decided not to continue with the Snow Like Ashes trilogy because I simply didn’t like the first book. It’s usually hard to top good first seasons. People don’t expect very much when a show is new. Same with books… and that dreaded second book slump.

But some… some just go on that downward spiral from the very beginning. Of course, we all have different tastes so please don’t be offended if you find your favorite book/show here. I’m happy you saw them through. I wish I did… but, oh well.

Photo by Jeff Kravitz

Photo by Jeff Kravitz

  • True Blood TV show by HBO and The Southern Vampire Mysteries by Charlaine Harris.
    Yep. That’s me and Alexander Skarsgard aka Eric Northman of True Blood. This was taken by a professional photographer covering the event. My friends found this for me on Tumblr then on Getty Images. I went to four (seasons 3-6) red carpet premieres for True Blood but in reality, I stopped watching after season 3. Right when Sookie accepted she was fae. Yup, not for me. But I still continued to go to premieres. It’s because of this man. Not to sound hipster-y but I’ve been a fan since before True Blood became a thing. Go look up Generation Kill mini-series and you’ll thank me later.

    But I digress. True Blood suffered from bad writing as the show went on. Same with the books. I read until the 5th one until I couldn’t take it anymore. It’s bad, guys. And it got progressively worse. It’s sad because Alan Ball created the perfection that is Six Feet UnderTrue Blood started out strong and promising. I don’t know what happened. The books weren’t very good to begin with so the fact that it became worse as it went on… wow.

  • CSI: New York.
    Believe it or not, there was a time when this was my favorite CSI show. I had a handful of Mac/Stella fan fiction on FF.net that are still live today. But I didn’t stop watching when Stella left. No, I started losing interest when they introduced Lindsay Monroe. The character had no chemistry with the cast but that was the pairing that they pushed. Nothing about that relationship sat well with me. And for some reason, “New York” made every case look and feel the same. I know, I know… you’ll eventually run out of cases but Miami and Vegas managed to reinvent themselves and keep it interesting to the end.
  • Castle.
    How much did I love this show? I started (and technically still own) the original Fuck Yeah Castle Tumblr. Yup. Same story with True Blood; I became a fan of Jon Huertas (who played Javier Esposito in Castle – he’s in This Is Us now) before this show aired through Generation Kill. I adore Stana Katic. This show was my very first Paley Fest and on-location encounter. My copy of Heat Wave is signed by almost the whole 1st season cast. This show is special to me. And they fucked it up. It became corny and ridiculous that I had a hard time taking it seriously. Maybe because it’s not the hardcore police procedural I preferred. Still, good times don’t last.

And now for the books! I first thought of putting The Hunger Games here but then again, Catching Fire was my favorite of the series. So I’m just going to go where most people are going and mention The Maze Runner and the Divergent trilogies. Geez. How can something so promising end up like that?

To be fair, I have not and will not read the 3rd books in these trilogies. The second books suffered from a bad case of the slump that it completely soured me for the next ones. And people have told me that they were the worst in the series. My brother becomes seething mad whenever I mention The Death Cure (which is tough because we met James Dashner and he was amazing). And I have not met anyone who had good things to say about Allegiant. Sadly, you won’t find me reading another Veronica Roth book.

The Maze Runner, the book, was great. I loved the world building and how everything fit together. I even liked the movie. Then the 2nd movie happened. Or that movie with the same title as the second book in this series. I mean, what the hell was that? I enjoyed Divergent, the book. But the only saving grace of that movie was the incredible Maggie Q.

I’m sorry this is so late in the day. Work has been a nightmare and at the end of the day, I have no energy left for anything else. I’ve drowned my sorrows with the anime, Sound! Euphonium.

To wash the bad taste this list has left, here are some examples of TV shows and books that became better as they went along:

  • Spartacus – the prequel, Gods of the Arena, is my favorite but that whole series is GOLD.
  • Sherlock – while the first episode of the first series will always be my favorite, The Sign of Three is a close second.
  • Eon and Eona by Alison Goodman – I really, really liked this duology.
  • Outlander by Diana Gabaldon – the only obstacle I had with this series is the first 100 pages of the first book. After that, it’s been an amazing ride so far.



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