TOP TEN TUESDAYS | Bookish Holiday Gift Guide

I actually have plans for a blog post about this. Why not make it a weekly meme entry instead? I wanted to do it before the whole Black Friday/Cyber Monday craziness but I was too busy with my own shopping. I made a list weeks ago. And no, it’s not entirely a wishlist. Most of them are things that I already have and thought that they’d be perfect as gift-y items.

As you know, I do have a wishlist but more often than not, I’m the one fulfilling them anyway. And I have several book collections; the main ones being Jane Eyre covers and Generation Kill editions. Frankly, I’d rather take care of them myself. But hey, if you have a signed copy of Generation Kill, I would love to take it off your hands!


This week’s Top Ten Tuesday is a Holiday Gift Guide freebie (ten books to buy the YA lover in your life, 10 books to buy for your dad, etc.)

Let me tell you this right now, do NOT underestimate the power of CASH and GIFTCARDS. I know they are technically more expensive than an actual material gift but what do you give a fangirl – or fanboy – who has everything? Hah! And also, do not be afraid to ask for their wishlists. It goes the other way too. There’s nothing wrong in having a wishlist. The word wish is in there for a reason.

I’m going to divide this into two parts. One is “bookish items” – those that are not exactly books but are book-related; and the other is a list of actual books. I know I would like to get these items so I hope you get some ideas too.

You can’t go wrong with these. Unless s/he already has that pop. But there are literally thousands of different kinds out there from hundreds of fandoms. Lately, what’s in the bookish fandom is also in movieverse. I quite like them myself and unbox them for space reasons but I recently stopped because being a collector, I would want to get every single one in a collection. That will pose problems because really, these cute little things are clutter. XD I would want to complete the Harry Potter ones but oh well. Someday. Maybe. These Funko Pops are everywhere but I found them cheapest at Barnes & Noble while the best selection is at Hot Topic.

Yeah, I know. It’s such a simple thing. You can find these at the 99 cents store even. My own book light is from the Target Dollar Spot. But you’ll be surprised at how many readers don’t have book lights and don’t know they needed it until they get one. There are cute ones at stationery stores, Etsy, and pretty much every other online seller. Be creative. Be resourceful.

I’ve gotten e-readers/tablets for my birthday three times. My very first one was the first generation B&N Nook. Then I was gifted a Kindle Fire HD 32gig. Then the B&N Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 Nook. And just this past Black Friday, I was eyeing an e-ink e-reader. I mean, the Kindle Paperwhite, Kobo Aura, and B&N Glowlight Plus were all $99.99. I was tempted. But in the end, I didn’t like the e-ink page turns so I didn’t get any of them. I would love one because it’s way lighter than the e-reader tablets but at the end of the day, I don’t mind the extra weight. I don’t know about you but I would love to get an e-reader for any occassion.

They say if you like to read, you also like to write. That’s true for me. I love notebooks even though most of them remain untouched for the rest of eternity. XD Lately, I’ve been getting into bullet journals, or at least trying to do it. I do have somewhat of a bullet book journal with the intention of writing my reactions and notes there but it ended up being just a listography of books that I bought and read. A book journal can be any notebook or this one from Moleskine if you want to be fancy.

And the utensils used to color it in, of course. I know it’s still all the rage. I’m not particularly huge in it but it’s fun. I did gift adult coloring books to my friends last year and I included those 12-count color pencils with the book.

Stocking stuffers, hello. These days, bookmarks are not those plain cardboard strips anymore. They come magnetized, metal, fabric, twine, crocheted… yes! I usually get mine for free at conventions or in between pages at a used bookstore but hey, I love me some bookmarks.

This could be the UK cover if you’re in the US, or vice-versa. I already have the mass market paperback set for the Mistborn trilogy but I wanted the UK trade paperback bad enough that I still bought it. I now feel like a legit book blogger LMAO. This could also be a signed edition. You no longer have to line up at a book signing. They sell signed books and you can also have it personalized from some book sellers. If you’re lucky, you can find one at Target or the many shelves of Barnes & Noble. I personally like illustrated editions. For my Jane Eyre collection, if they have a handwritten date on them, I want it.

  • The Harry Potter illustrated editions by Jim Kay.
  • The Book Thief 10th Anniversary edition (signed) by Marcus Zusak
  • Hard to find ARC copies for their collection

I recently reviewed this. I did enjoy reading it and I can see how this can be so much fun at a party, circle of friends. It’s a conversation starter. It’s a perfect gift-y thing for your beloved word-nerd.

This contains 18 issues of this fantastic graphic novel. I enjoy this so much!

Take a risk. I mean, if you know that person, you might get an idea of his/her reading tastes. I always recommend Ready Player One by Ernest Cline. Even my own mom ended up loving it. (Well, we’re a family of nerds so that’s a given.) Go by what they already read and liked. Gift them a standalone or a finished duology/series. Gift them a book that they might not have heard of yet. Here are some of my favorites:

  • Eon and Eona duology by Alison Goodman
  • Vicious by VE Schwab
  • Wolf by Wolf and Blood for Blood duology by Ryan Graudin
  • Parasitology trilogy by Mira Grant
  • Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun manga series by Izumi Tsubaki

So there you are. Looking at my list, I realize that I speak from experience here. And I do gift this way too. Sure, there’s nothing wrong with your annual Bath & Body Works gifts but I try to mix it up. I give books to my friends’ kids. Adult coloring books to them as I mentioned above. I honestly don’t have many friends who read but I do have a ready list of recommendations. And of course,with a collection like mine (and yours too, probably), an unhaul can be a gift item.


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