I was so swamped at work today that I wasn’t able to make this post earlier. Now, I’m sitting at home, on my bed, legs in my mermaid tail blanket. Let’s go.


This week’s Top Ten Tuesday is Thanksgiving freebie — tell us what you are thankful for! Books you are thankful for! 

2016 is an incredible reading year for me. I’ve read so much more than last year. I’ve discovered so many new books, widened my interests, revisited old favorites. I definitely bought a crapton more PHYSICAL BOOKS than digital. I signed up for my first ever library card even. I’m already thankful for all of those.

Here, I will be listing ten things that changed my reading habits and experiences for the year 2016.

  1. BOOKTUBE. I am merely a viewer. I put on a booktube or beauty video every morning as I prepare for work. I love watching hauls, wrap ups, unhauls, and discussions. It’s because of booktube I discovered so many new (to me) genres, authors, and books. Sure, it’s not a perfect community; there are still some things that irritate the heck out of me, but I love the content that is out there. There’s so much to talk about, so much to discover.
  2. Online bookstores: Book Outlet, Thriftbooks, Better World Books. While I also shop at other sites, these three have been wreaking havoc to my bank account since March of this year. Yep, I’m pretty sure I started shopping at Book Outlet and Better World Books in March because that was when I started collecting the Rot & Ruin books by Jonathan Maberry. I’ve been a customer of Thriftbooks since last year. I just finished my Thanksgiving 2016 order from Better World Books and my stats say that I have “donated” 35 books since March 2016. The $5 off promos at Book Outlet is just too good to pass up. And Thriftbooks has a nice selection of newer titles at a fair price. It takes me HOURS just to fill my cart for the best bang for my buck!
  3. Kinokuniya Bookstore. I haven’t been to the one in Little Tokyo in weeks and I miss it so much. I could not resist picking up a Japanese fiction book every time I go there, even at full price. I’ve built up quite a collection. Really, it’s such an awesome bookstore. I really should drop by soon.
  4. My local Goodwill. There’s a Goodwill near my workplace. It’s still a hit or miss but it’s there I completed all five seasons of Six Feet Under (the most perfect – yes – TV series of forever) on DVD and scored a couple of ARCs. One of which is Wolf by Wolf by Ryan Graudin. If not for that Goodwill, I probably still wouldn’t have read that book today. Now, it’s in the running to be my favorite read of the year.
  5. One Dollar Bookstore at Eagle Rock Plaza. I’m thanking a lot of establishments. Bookstores (and libraries) are great places. I don’t always walk out with a book in hand whenever I go here, but it’s still a wonderful place. I mean, $1 for everything? Yes, please. This bookstore fed my Nancy Drew/Hardy Boys collection well. And I’ve scored a few surprises. You just have to be patient. I love going here.

  6. V.E. Schwab. I actually have to thank WonderCon 2016 for this but VE Schwab is my new favorite author. A Darker Shade of Magic and Vicious are such incredible reads. Both books sucked me into their pages. While I did like This Savage Song too, written under Victoria Schwab, I connected more easily with her adult books. I’m looking forward to reading more.
  7. Morning Star by Pierce Brown. After Mockingjay and what I heard about The Death Cure and Allegiant, I’ve been hesitant to read the final books in a trilogy. Morning Star changed all that. The final book can be the best one in a series. A fantasy sci-fi can make you cry. You can root for both the underdog and anti-hero at the same time. I think I may have found a new series to (try to) reread.
  8. Japanese fiction. I have amassed quite a collection. Actually, I have to thank Song Minho of the Korean pop group WINNER for reintroducing me to this genre. He mentioned Keigo Higashino and it started from there. I slowly built up my library of his translated work, then I finally got a copy of Battle Royale. Then came my obsession with Ryu Murakami, not Haruki. Seriously, my Japanese fiction books deserves its own shelf. Now, if someone can gift me a physical copy of Parasite Eve by Hideaki Sena, I will love you forever.

  9. Speaking of Japanese fiction… MANGA. I realized quickly that I am definitely more of a manga reader than graphic novels. My eyes find it easier to read right to left…? If that makes sense. I just enjoy manga more. The art appeals to me and having grown up watching more anime than animation, it felt natural to me. Right now, I’m catching up to the translated volumes of Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun and will slowly work through completed work.
  10. DUOLOGIES. I think I may have found my series of choice. I’m so close to finishing my 3rd duology of this year. The first two that I finished were duology marathons, The Wrath and the Dawn and Eon. Reading them back-to-back definitely helped towards a good reading experience. It was like reading one long story. I plan to finish one more duology by the end of the year, if I can. I’m so glad that there are authors that do this. Some stories don’t need to stretch so long. They’re perfect to marathon.

I feel like this list should have been posted at the end of the year. There’s still December so I think this list will have a part two in the coming weeks.

I hope you all have an awesome Thanksgiving weekend. And best of luck this Black Friday! 😉


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