#BookmarkMonday | Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween everyone! 🙂 Are you dressing up tonight? I dressed up two days ago at the Stan Lee’s LA Comic Con as a Slytherin student. I wore that whole ensemble on the muggle train. I would do it again, for sure. I love that this convention falls on the Halloween weekend or close to it. Last year, I was Shiina Mayuri of Steins;Gate.

I’m trying a new-to-me weekly tag. Bookmark Monday is hosted by Guiltless Reading. Every Monday, we share a bookmark that looks interesting. That’s it.

I have quite a collection of very random bookmarks. I usually try to pick up free ones from conventions or look for stuff in between pages of used books. Before, I would use just about anything as a bookmark – receipts, business cards, phone cards, tickets… anything. But lately, I’ve been using legit bookmarks.

This is one of those used bookstore finds. It’s from The PaperAmmo Company. I used this when I was reading Eon by Alison Goodman. I’m using another bookmark now that I’m reading Eona. On the back, I believe there is a Tyrion Lannister quote about reading. But I love this front graphic. I’m thinking that image on the right side is a Tyrion caricature. I would like a few more like this but I don’t think they have an online store.

So who is your favorite “scary” author? Or “scary” book? I think every meme today has that prompt. I’ve already given a few horror novel recommendations in past posts. As for author, I don’t know. I prefer to watch my horror stuff. Reading them is great too but I like the whole package of mood music (or lack thereof, if you’re watching Asian horror), long black hair, creepy eyes, and jump scares.

What’s your favorite horror movie?


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