MUSING MONDAYS | I Was Born a Reader

I’m off work today. It feels strange blogging from home LOL. Where the hell did the long weekend go?


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I think I’ve shaken off my reading slump. I mean, I managed to escape resorting to reading a bunch of graphic novels to add to my GoodReads goal (that I’ve almost doubled at this point). They’re fun, don’t get me wrong. I still have a couple of graphic novels and some manga that I would want to read. But after my birthday book haul, I want to clear a bit of that too. My reads towards the end of August and most of September threw me into this weird funk and I’m glad I got over that now.

I know I just posted a huge haul but these came in over the past week. I pre-ordered these early September but the illustrated version of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets just came out. I opted for both books to be shipped in one package. I mean, no rush.

We all need a little magic – and peculiarity – in our lives. Yeah, yeah… I’ve yet to do a Harry Potter re-read. It’s gonna happen. I don’t know when but it will.

I still haven’t finished Mistborn by Brandon Sanderson. I am loving it but I’m not feeling the format that I have. It’s a mass market paperback. Normally, it doesn’t bother me; I’m pretty careful with my books. But I think I’m spoiled by these nice floppy trade paperbacks. I tend to read faster when I have those vs mass market paperbacks. I’m a little more than halfway through but it’s taking me so long. So instead of speeding through it, I’ve decided to savor reading it… giving myself until the end of the year to finish it. After all, I only set a goal of reading just one Sanderson book before the year end, remember?

Instead, I’m speeding through Wolf by Wolf by Ryan Graudin. This is one of those “Booktube Made Me Read It” titles. I first heard this from Peruse Project. The setting is what sold me. The Axis Powers won World War II and to celebrate their victory, Hitler and Japanese Emperor Hirohito hold a motorcycle race across their territories. As you know, my favorite part of history to read is Holocaust/WWII. My copy is an ARC that I spotted at my local Goodwill. It’s been sitting on my shelf for months and for some reason, it called out to me. I’m loving it so far. With the sequel coming out soon, you bet I’m going to pick that up as well.

For this week’s random question: Can you recall a time when you weren’t an avid reader?

Nope. And it’s not selective amnesia. I remember being able to read as early as three years old. Definitely at 4-5 because I remember reading to my younger brother then. I grew up in a house with a lot of books, reference materials mostly. There was no shortage of fairytales and penny comics. Hell, I would read the newspaper when I was a kid. I was born a reader. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.



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