I thought July was a pretty awesome reading month for me even with all the conventions and events. I wondered how it would go if I didn’t have all that going on. How many more books could I add to my tally?

The answer to that, +3. I read a total of eight books this month. Granted one of them is less than 200 pages and two are graphic novels but hey, they still totally count, right? 😉 I tried not to marathon Saga by Brian K. Vaughan. I need to space it out for other months. Really, I need to explore the world of graphic novels more often.


  • Hollow City graphic novel by Ransom Riggs, illustrated by Cassandra Jean – I enjoyed this. This novel series lends itself well to visual storytelling, I realize that now. While I appreciate the “random” found photos included in the book, it’s another experience seeing the characters like that full time. 5/5 stars.
  • Jane Steele by Lyndsay Faye – Reader, I may have to re-read Jane Eyre after all. It was good but I wasn’t impressed. Then again, I hold the original source material higher than Mt. Everest. 3/5 stars.
  • In the Miso Soup by Ryu Murakami – What a mindfuck. These kinds of things draw me into Japanese fiction. This is definitely one great example of that. But it is not for everyone. 4/5 stars.
  • The Captive Prince, Volume 1 by CS Pacat – I read somewhere that all three books in the trilogy reads like one whole book. Then why not just do that? 2/5 stars.
  • Chimera by Mira Grant – I finished another series! And I loved this one. I highly recommend it if you like “realistic” sci-fi set in a not too distant future. Hell, I would re-read this! 4/5 stars.
  • Saga, Volume 1 by Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples – Where… have… I… been? The first one was awesome. I can’t wait to get to the other ones! 5/5 stars.
  • Broken Monsters by Lauren Beukes – Biggest disappointment of 2016 thus far. I unhauled it. 2/5 stars.
  • Piercing by Ryu Murakami – Yup, I think I’m becoming a fan of this man’s work. Also a very dark and twisted novel. I loved it, enjoyed it more than the one previously mentioned. 4/5 stars.

The last three books I finished in one weekend. I guess that’s why I’m slumping with my current read right now. Uh-oh. LOL.


  • roughly 2427 pages
  • 5 physical books; 3 e-books
  • 1 completed series
  • 2 graphic novels


  • The Queen’s Poisoner by Jeff Wheeler – Amazon Kindle. I also got it on audiobook from Audible.
  • The Thief’s Daughter by Jeff Wheeler – Amazon Kindle.
  • The Winner’s Curse by Marie Rutkoski – Barnes & Noble, signed.
  • Hollow City graphic novel – Barnes & Noble.
  • Red Rising by Pierce Brown Goodwill, ARC (how many does one need lol).
  • Black Widow, Forever Red by Margaret Stohl – Goodwill, ARC.
  • Walk on Earth A Stranger by Rae Carson – Goodwill, ARC.
  • Wolf by Wolf by Ryan Graudin – Goodwill, ARC.
  • Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter by Seth Grahame-Smith – Goodwill, I just wanted a hardcover edition to match my other one.
  • And I Darken by Kiersten White – Target, signed.
  • Audition by Ryu Murakami – Kinokuniya Los Angeles.
  • Piercing by Ryu Murakami – Kinokuniya Los Angeles.

But really, I’m cheating on this. I placed an order on Book Outlet later in August and it arrived yesterday, August 31. And I bought one more book from the One Dollar Bookstore that evening. BUT I’m not counting that here. That goes to September. Heh!

As for a September TBR… I’m joining my first ever READ-A-THON! The Read-A-Theme Read-A-Thon hosted by a couple of booktubers. I heard it from Sabine of Sabine’s Book Nook. Click on the link for the GoodReads group. Basically, every month they pick a theme and you read as many or as little as you want/can from that theme. This month is Quick Reads, books that are under 300 pages. It starts on September 2 at 6pm to September 4, 11:59pm from what ever time zone you follow. Haha, five of what I read in August could’ve easily counted.

Anyway, I’m planning to read Audition by Ryu Murakami, two volumes of Saga, and Hotel Iris by Yoko Ogawa. Yup, two graphic novels and two Japanese fiction novels. You can’t keep me away! I’m currently in the middle of Snow Like Ashes by Sara Raasch but I’m slumping a bit so I may need to take a break from that, even for just two days. It’ll be a long weekend after all. So yeah, my first readathon. And notice that there’s no set number of books to read. It’s more like an excuse to read a book that satisfies certain requirements. No pressure, no feelings of failure if you don’t reach that number of books. I think I’m going to like it.

As for a book-buying ban… er, not this month. I know I’ve been buying like crazy again but save the ban for next month. September is my birthday month. I don’t know what I’ll gift myself yet (actually, yes… I’m going to Long Beach Comic Con on my actual birthday) but books will definitely be a part of that package.

So here’s to a great September. Read a lot, laugh a lot, love a lot!



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