#T5W | I Said Never

This week, we are talking about Books That You Will Never Read.


Yup. Never. 

Guys, I’m having an awful day. This topic should feel very cathartic but it’s not. I’m sort of smiling because of Hikaru Nara by Goose House, the first opening theme of Your Lie in April. How can you not smile when you listen/watch it?

Anyway, there is a lot of books that I might never get to read because of many reasons — lack of time, inaccessibility, or plain lack of interest. There are just too many books out there. This list however, I’ve put my foot down. I will never ever read these books. Not that they’re bad. No, they’re actually quite popular and well-loved. I have my reasons. I respect yours, so please respect mine.

I’m sure there are more than 5 but off the top of my head, here are my picks. Funny, because I read a lot of entries before composing mine and a LOT of the titles on people’s lists, I already read. Like Fifty Shades and Beautiful Disaster. I can’t say I liked them but I did read them. LMAO.

  1. Anything by Rainbow Rowell.
    I tried. I have a copy of Fangirl but just reading the blurb leaves an overly too sweet taste in my mouth. YA Contemporary is not my genre. Most of the times that I tried it, I didn’t like it. As for that other one that she has that is basically Harry Potter fanfiction, no thanks. I have a very tough time reading HP fanfic. Although I’m not putting Cursed Child here, I just don’t like reading HP that is not penned by JKR herself.
  2. The Selection series by Kiera Cass.
    I cannot shake the first ever thing I heard about this series when it first came out. It’s like The Bachelor meets America’s Next Top Model. How cheesy and bottom feeder-y can you get? Then I read the reviews along the road and… yup, not for me.
  3. Shatter Me trilogy by Tahereh Mafi.
    I admit, I do want to see what’s up with the “writing style” everyone is talking about but the more reviews I read for this trilogy, the less interested I get. And the love triangle part is just not for me.
  4. The Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare.
    The first book sat on my shelf for a good year. I keep on checking out the prices on Book Outlet. But I’m never in the mood to read it. Then I read that people hate the main character/s and frankly, it’s just too long of a series. I don’t have the time or space to devote to that.
  5. Anything by John Green.
    After The Fault In Our Stars, never again. I don’t like being told what to feel.

Harsh? Eh, well. Like I said, there are a ton of other books out there.


4 thoughts on “#T5W | I Said Never

  1. I do agree somehow on Rainbow Rowell and Kiera Cass to an extent. My first Rowell book was Eleanor and Park and I really liked it, so I expected my next Rowell book to be just as good. Unfortunately, that was not the case, I almost DNF-ed Fangirl.
    For Kiera Cass, I think the first three books were enough, though I don’t really like the resolution for The One. I think that the next two books weren’t really necessary anymore.
    I absolutely love The Mortal Instruments but I do have to agree that the protagonist can be such a headache. lol.

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