#T5W | MOAR!

This week, we are talking about Books You Wish Had Sequels.


Or it could be series that you want to be continued. My list definitely consists of that.

I’m in between when it comes to sequels. I love a good stand-alone book that wraps everything nicely in the end. Is it just me or has this become a rarity these days. If you have any suggestions, I’m so open to them. I’ve started so many series and have taken years to finish them. But I also love a continuation of a beloved story and characters. What happens next? Where is this story going? We grow up with certain characters. And yeeeet… there are sequels that I think are just unnecessary. *cough*PSILoveStillYou*cough* Long series inevitably have filler books. A product of commercialism? You story has to be so good to keep your readers interested. Even that is also becoming a rarity these days. 😐

Like I mentioned above, most of these are already parts of a series. Just goes to show how many stand alones I read. orz

  1. The Harry Potter series. You know who wrote this, right?
    I mention this for purely selfish and personal reasons. I cannot get into JK Rowling‘s other work. And I’m not really excited for the “new” additions to the Harry Potter canon even though JKR “approves” of it. Bottom line, she did not 100% write it. So I’m happy that there’s a “new” Harry Potter book but that doesn’t really count in my head. It’s basically fanfiction. Unfortunately for this series, the epilogue wasn’t that good. I appreciate that there was an epilogue but dang, that was so half-assed and frankly, I’ve read fanfiction written and plotted out better than that. That epilogue was so weak. And I want another book to make up for that. 😉
  2. Fire by Kristin Cashore.
    It’s the least liked in the companion series but I want to know more about Fire and Brigan than Katsa from Graceling. I haven’t read Bitterblue yet but that is set years after this book. Fire is way older. What happened to Brigan? It’s true that nothing actually happens in Fire but for some reason, I loved the characters.
  3. His Fair Assassin world by Robin LaFevers.
    Ah, the assassin nuns. Like Graceling Realm, this is more of a companion series than actual sequels. Each book follows a different girl and all of them appear in each other’s books. The 3rd book, Mortal Heart, was a good series topper but I kind of wish there were more books in this universe.
  4. Vicious by VE Schwab.
    I seem to remember Miss Schwab saying that there is going to be a sequel for this. GoodReads calls it Vengeful. This book is fantastic. The themes and the ideas are so unique. I would love to read more about Victor Vale and co.
  5. The Red Rising trilogy by Pierce Brown.
    Mr. Brown said he is writing a new trilogy within this universe but I want more Darrow, Mustang, and Sevro. In “peace time”, slice-of-life kind of thing. Don’t get me wrong, this was the PERFECT series ender. But I wouldn’t mind if there’s one more. 😉

So there you have it. I really must add to my stand alone reads.

12 thoughts on “#T5W | MOAR!

  1. Hi! Great list! I’m not excited for The Cursed Child that much either. Do you have any favorite Harry Potter fanfics? I haven’t read many that are amazing.

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    • Yeah, I mean… anything outside what JKR wrote it pretty much fanfiction. Eh.

      Hmm, not really. I never got into HP fanfiction like I did with LOTR and The Hunger Games. But when I did read HP fanfic, they’re usually prequel stories about James and Lily. I wrote some myself but lmao those are best left forgotten hahahaa.

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