#T5W | Books Outside My Comfort Zone

This week, we are talking about books outside my comfort zone.


My go-to genres are mystery/thriller, historical fiction, and fantasy. I’ve read my share of YA dystopian, sci-fi, and Classics. There are genres that I will never touch with a ten-foot pole but I have tried reading a book from different genres at least once. I don’t shy away from high fantasy or long series of brick books. I actually like that challenge.

But there are times when a random book catches your attention. It could be the cover, blurb, synopsis, or good reviews. Or it could be as random as a cheap book at a thrift store. I definitely picked books up because of all those reasons. And through that, I found these lovely reads outside my comfort zone.

  1. CONTEMPORARY – The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion. I just posted my review of this yesterday. I immediately thought of this book when I read today’s topic. If not for that random Goodwill trip, I wouldn’t have picked this up. The day I picked this up was a good day. I don’t like YA Contemporary but I found that I can warm up to adult contemporary.
  2. MIDDLE GRADE – Liesl & Po by Lauren Oliver. Thanks to Richard Denney for introducing me to this precious little gem. I never thought of even looking through the middle grade shelves at the bookstore but after this one, it’s like a whole new world opened up to me.
  3. ASIAN FICTION – Confessions by Kanae Minato. I won’t say that this genre is totally foreign (pun lol) to me. I’ve always been interested in it but for some reason, I haven’t picked it up. But lately, I’ve been buying a lot of them with plans to dig in very soon. Confessions is a complete mindfuck. And I loved it.
  4. EROTICA – Belinda by Anne R(ice)ampling. I admit, I’ve always been curious about the erotica genre. So many polarizing reviews and opinions. But I would read a random free Amazon download here and there. They’re not particularly good, yes. That’s why I attached myself to this book so tightly. It’s so similar to Lolita but for some reason, I prefer this to the Nabokov classic.
  5. NON-FICTION – Generation Kill by Evan Wright. There was a time when I binge bought military fiction books. But really, I think I only read 3-4 of those. Heh. Generation Kill is one of my favorite books OF ALL TIME. I read this once a year. I also love the HBO mini-series to death.

Out of these, I think Asian Fiction, especially Japanese fiction, will become one of my favorites. I’m super fascinated by the depth and darkness of Japanese fiction that doesn’t get lost in translation. Erotica is still going to be that side genre that I revisit in between reads; having a lot of them offered for free on a lot of platform helps. I will still go to my favorite genres for good reads but it’s nice to know that I can get out of my comfort zone.

How about you? 🙂


2 thoughts on “#T5W | Books Outside My Comfort Zone

  1. The Japanese style tends to be very dark and disturbing, with a clear prose. Maybe a little too much for me. I read a lot of Japanese fiction when I was living in Kyoto, but I never became a real fan of the genre.

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