#T5W | Fictional Items I Want

This week, we’re talking about five fictional items that I want.


(I should start evert T5W post like that, yeah?)

And we’re not talking about merch. Merch, I have a lot. I’m a merch whore. XD We’re talking about actual ~fictional~ things from fandom that I want. Functional. Tangible.

(And I’ll have a list of fictional things that I actually do already own. Merch, basically.)

  1. A Pensieve, Harry PotterIn a way… we have something like that. A blog, a journal, photos. They preserve memories. But with a Pensieve, you can relive them.
  2. A dress from Cinna, The Hunger GamesI’m not the best person to ask about fashion but those clothes. Oh man. I want that “Girl on Fire” dress so bad.
  3. Hermione’s beaded handbagHarry PotterI kind of already have it. Isn’t a woman’s handbag/purse a blackhole? I have my whole house in mine. It weighs close to 10lbs. I weighed one of them at an old job and it seriously weighed 6lbs. I want to bring all the things! Side note: funny how Hermione’s entrusted with so many cool stuff but the boys are left to their own devices.
  4. AndurilThe Lord of the RingsAragorn’s sword made from the shards of Narsil. I honest-to-goodness want this in my possession. For display. Some people display katana, I want this one.
  5. Butterbeer, Harry Potter. It actually exists. I’ve had it multiple times and I will (hopefully) have it again tomorrow.

And now, for the stuff that I actually do have.

  • Leaves of Lorien + Evenstar from The Lord of the Rings.
  • Time-turner + The Marauder’s Map from Harry Potter.
  • Metal upa + Lab Member pins from Steins;Gate. And I also have an upa plush that I use to cosplay Mayuri.
  • Mockingjay pin/pendant from The Hunger Games. I have several.

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