Review: Steins;Gate, Volume 1 illustrated by Yomi Sarachi

Steins;Gate Volume 1 (manga)

DISCLAIMER: I got this eARC for free from NetGalley.

I have yet to play the visual novel. It is one of my brother’s favorite and most recommended ones. We have it on PS Vita. We even ordered it from Rice Digital from the UK because they had a package that included a metal upa and lab member pins. The anime is one of my favorites and I still rewatch episodes from time to time. English SUB though. I refuse to acknowledge that English DUBS exist.

How much do I love Steins;Gate? I cosplayed it.

Stan Lee’s Comikaze Expo 2015

Yes, I have an actual upa plush. 😉 Shiina Mayuri is now my go-to cosplay character.

But that is not what this post is about. I was going through the graphic novel/comics/manga tab on Netgalley one day and I spotted this gem. I snatched it right up. It’s not a new release or anything but it’s something. Now, I don’t read many manga; I’m more of an anime person. But I do read them from time to time, my favorite being Mars by Furumi Soryo. Since I already love Steins;Gate, what’s there not to love with this?

Well… a couple of things. Remember I mentioned above that I dislike the English dubbing of the anime? Eh, that “bias” kind of carries over to the manga. First of all, Mayuri’s signature greeting is not “toodle-loo” or some crap like that. It’s “tuturuu~” – definitely cuter. Whenever I read “toodle-loo”, I hear the English dub in my head. Now, this might be just nitpicking to some of you but really, it bothered me. As a Mayuri cosplayer, I require that people get things right about my character.

I know that the manga was released first but it was still based on the visual novel. Then the anime came out after all that. Please forgive me if I take most of my comparisons from the anime… that’s what I know.

I liked the art of this manga. Mayuri is still cute as a button, Okabe is still crazy, even Makise’s tsundere tendencies aren’t to be missed. To those not familiar with Steins;Gate, this can get confusing. I’m so familiar with the anime and I still got a bit confused. Some jokes just sound… different… in English. Didn’t work as well. With a story like this, a visual – moving – storytelling is more effective.

I don’t know. Maybe it is disadvantageous that I’m a huge fan of the anime before digging into this manga. With that, I brought high expectations that were not met. I’ll just stick to the anime. With the 2nd game awaiting English localization, I should go ahead and play the visual novel soon.

Rating: 3/5. El Psy Congroo.


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