It’s been a hot minute since my last TTT post! Finally, a topic that I can confidently talk about.



This week’s Top Ten Tuesday , we’re listing down the Top Ten OTPs!

RON AND HERMIONE, Harry Potter series.
Raise your hand if you knew for sure that they were going to end up together from the first time they met, both in the books and films. Sure, JK Rowling herself said that she would’ve preferred it be Harry x Hermione but hey, the characters developed lives of their own.

PEETA AND KATNISS, The Hunger Games trilogy.
She treats him like shit but he loves her anyway. Even fan fictions have Peeta as Katniss’ doormat. But he’s hopelessly devoted to her no matter what. Not even tracker-jacker venom can change that. Kudos to Josh Hutcherson for portraying Peeta the kicked puppy that he is in the books.

It doesn’t matter if you read the novels or watch the TV show. This couple is INTENSE. Their love has withstood the test of time… literally.

Anime Truckstop

KRAFT LAWRENCE AND HOLO, Spice & Wolf light novels.
They are just the cutest! Holo is a harvest deity and Lawrence is a traveling merchant. Holo can turn into a form of a young woman and she goes with Lawrence up north to her hometown. Along the way, they go on an adventure, doing business with towns and people that they encounter. Holo is a quirky and proud character and Lawrence is just the kindest person… they end up falling for each other. If the light novels are too much, go watch the anime. Then read the light novels again.

Nancy rarely is a damsel in distress. No matter, Ned is always there to help her. They’re not in your face sweet but the fact that they’re always there for each other is nice.

I love a good “hard-to-get” stories, may it be coming from the girl or the guy. In this case, both. I like how Elizabeth was so against Darcy in the beginning and thought he was a cold and horrible person. I wish we could see the story through his eyes. For real, not some retelling. Although I’d like that too.

I’m #TeamRochester all the way. He was smitten with Jane since the first time they met and no matter how hard he tried, he just couldn’t hide it. And she’s all “I think you’re ugly but you’re my employer so I can’t do anything about that.” LOVE IT!

ROSE AND DIMITRI, Vampire Academy series.
I like that they’re not a rich girl/poor guy relationship. They’re both from the same social circle albeit the age difference. But really, who cares about that.

And now… for “non-canon” pairings:

LEGOLAS AND ARAGORN, The Lord of the Rings trilogy.
More movie-verse than bookverse. I used to devour every angsty fan fiction about these two. I even ventured into RPS. REAL-PERSON SLASH. I’ve since met both actors… and still maintain my RPS membership card. 😉

HAYMITCH AND EFFIE, The Hunger Games trilogy.
The movie kind of made it canon. More like, the actors made it canon. And it was fabulous!

If these pairings are our standards of relationships, we’ll be single forever. 😉 I mean, I don’t mind a real life Peeta. I’ve met Josh Hutcherson in person and he’s an absolute sweetheart! I wish someone could be my Mr. Rochester. Hah!

But really, I’m more excited for the Deadpool movie than Valentine’s Day. I’m sure you are too.


4 thoughts on “TOP TEN TUESDAYS | LOVE

  1. I’m seconding that (^) comment ! And I don’t think we’re so screwed, Ron&Hermione and Katniss&Peeta are fairly okay and healthy and without much drama, if you take away the fact that they’re all in mortal peril at some point or another.

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