Review: Legend by Marie Lu

Legend / Marie Lu

This book had been in my TBR since the day it came out. Countless friends and family recommended it to me repeatedly over the years. I don’t know why it took me this long to finally go ahead and read it.

Legend is another trilogy in the long line of YA dystopian fiction. It’s tough to shine through a such a saturated genre and I’m happy to say that this book definitely made an impression. It sets itself apart from the likes of The Hunger Games and Divergent by having two leads, a boy and a girl. The story is told through their POVs interchangeably.

June is a 15-year-old prodigy. When Republic citizens reach a certain age, they need to take a test to determine their direction in life. June is from a rich family and she scored perfectly on the test. She’s immediately groomed to join the military elites, joining her brother Metias. On the other side of town, Day grew up in the slums. Not only that, he’s the Republic’s most wanted. No one knows what he looks like, who he is. His reputation as a vigilante sparks fear even in the most experienced military personnel. June and Day can live their lives without crossing paths until Day becomes the prime suspect to the murder of Metias. June is then recruited to hunt down her brother’s killer while Day continues his struggle to keep his family safe.

I liked Day more than June but that’s just my bias talking. I find that male characters seem more developed, sane, and relatable than YA female leads. They whine less. But June is not that bad. The author did a great job writing her so we see her as start out as this cold and perfect soldier and then throughout the story, she changes and shows her vulnerability. The moment she realizes that there are more in this world than her elite life was intense. The stuff that Day goes through… it’s no joke. All his hardships endears him more to the reader and only solidifies his hero – and martyr – status in this story. They really are exceptional characters without sounding Mary-sue or Gary-stu.

Each day means a new 24 hours. Each day means everything’s possible again. You live in the moment, you die in the moment, you take it one day at a time. You try to walk in the light.

The story starts and picks up almost at the same time. None of that long-winded backstory and character introduction. The author included that seamlessly into the plot. So we get to know the characters as we see them do things. I love that technique. I found myself connecting faster with the characters. Rather than getting to know them by reading their accomplishments, I see them actually doing it. Yes, there wasn’t much in terms of excessive world building but the story isn’t really about where it happened. It could take place in outer space and the story would remain the same. The “otherworldly” concepts were easy enough to grasp and there was nothing that I cannot pronounce.

Overall, I loved it. It was fast, exciting, and interesting. I’m definitely going to see this series through. In fact, I may have found my new favorite YA pair!

Rating: 5/5. Don’t be like me… read it now!


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