“Dear Santa” update!

Remember my TTT: Dear Santa post from (technically) last year? Well, it got to Santa and I got 4 out of the 10 (11, actually) books on that list. It would’ve been five but I got the sequel to the book, not the exact one I mentioned.

Santa didn’t really bring me those books. Nor were they gifts from other people. I bought them myself. See what I mean. I get asked for a wishlist but no one else would fulfill them for me. Oh well. It’s there when anyone needs it.

Over the final days of 2015, I got these books in the mail:

I call these my Sword and Scale books. They’re recommendations from that podcast. I already finished reading The White House BoysWorking Stiff will be my reading challenge entry for “books from the library” because this was a library copy.

With this shipment, I also received a hardbound, library copy of Symbiont by Mira Grant. That will be my entry for “books with a blue cover”. I will get Chimera eventually to finish up the trilogy.

And this… oh what a joy to have this.

Generation Kill is one of my favorite books and mini-series of all time. I got so attached to everything about it. I have multiple copies of this book but I was missing a signed one. I missed an opportunity some years ago when I couldn’t make to a rare signing event. Next best thing was to purchase one that is not addressed to me. That’s okay. Just as long as it is signed.

I got the second Soul Eater Soul Art book from Little Tokyo just this week. The original one is out of print and if I still want that, I have to shell out $60 something for a copy. I’m thinking about it but right now, I’m enjoying Soul Eater Soul Art 2 because it also has Soul Eater NOT in it.

From the same bookstore in Little Tokyo, I realized that I can also get the 2 Japanese books in my list. I’m still debating but if ever I confirm that we are going to EVO 2016, I might just go ahead and purchase them.

I am fully aware that I don’t have enough space as it is but there is something about physical books that I can’t quit. I may have to learn how to let go of some of them eventually.

How about you? What did Santa bring you? (What did you get for yourself?) How do you deal with the space issue?


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