TOP TEN TUESDAYS | Dear Book Genie…

It’s been how long since my last post? Riiiight. Sorry. I’m having such a trying time and this little blog (and my other one) is keeping me together somewhat.


This week’s Top Ten Tuesday , we’re listing down the 10 Wishes I’d Ask The Book Genie To Grant Me.

Let’s see… I usually peek at other people’s lists for inspiration. Most of them are pretty much in the same line of thought. Whoo, the Book Genie has a LOT of work to do. XD So just continue on from the title…

… Make me read faster. I don’t want to stop time because that would be weird and I can’t handle complete silence. I just want to be able to read faster than I already do. I mean, I read faster than the guy next to me but with all these books and so little time? Oy. Also, it’s not just speed. I hope that comes with better comprehension as well. And oh, I have a pretend Time-Turner.

… I want my own room with more than enough shelving for my books and other fandom/nerd stuff. Don’t get me wrong, I love e-books and the convenience of e-readers. But if I can have actual books, I would love that even more. Space is the number one thing that keeps me from buying books. Yes, I can say that money is not really an issue because I’m a champion at finding deals either online or thrift stores and I’m rarely the first one to pick up every newly released title. I do have some “auto-buy” authors but I can count them in one hand. Also, here’s a peek of one of my shelves from last year: here. My Funko family has grown, I have a whole shelf dedicated to K-pop, not to mention all the DVDs. SPACE. I need it.

… I would love to meet JK Rowling. It’s a coincidence that I included Harry Potter related items in the entries above, I (solemnly) swear (that I am up to no good)! Hahaha! Book signings are not a huge problem for me. I’m lucky to live in an area of Southern California with an excellent independent bookstore and a major branch of Barnes & Noble. If I had reliable transportation, I could’ve met a lot of my favorites already. I’ve met pretty big names such as Diana Gabaldon and James Dashner but I can definitely do better on that count. Meeting JK Rowling. Someday, I will make that happen.

… ALL THE ILLUSTRATED VERSIONS! I’m obsessed. So far, I only have three: The Illustrated Jane Eyre by Dame DarcyThe Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown that I got for $1.75 at a thrift store, and most recently… you guessed it, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone illustrated by Jim Kay. If these beauties don’t encourage me to do a re-read, nothing will. I’m currently working on several illustrated versions of The Hobbit and possibly the rest of The Lord of the Rings trilogy.

… I want to go on a “bookish” tour. I’m sorry but I’ve already been to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Orlando, Florida and another one is nearing completion here at the Universal Studios Hollywood. I’ve crossed that one out a long time ago. But I know there are a couple of bookish tours available such as the one for Outlander and The Da Vinci Code. A friend said that there might be one for Jane Eyre. Really, I just want to see the countryside. I might be a true city girl but I’d love to take a break from all the concrete. But my endgame is Middle-Earth. One day.

Speaking of Middle-Earth, I want the whole Peter Jackson’s Middle-Earth to continue. I know it’s leaning towards films and it’s an extremely tall order but those movies have impacted my life so much. It educated me, opened my eyes, I’ve met new friends… it’s so many things. I actually wanted to have Fellowship of the Ring remade with the original cast and crew (well, some have passed on, RIP) but add Tom Bombadil. Or have a longer part with just the elves. And that part where a younger Aragorn met Arwen for the first time. I know it’s filmed. Where the heck is it?!

… Have books audio’d by the film’s cast. This is a selfish wish reflecting my love for The Lord of the Rings. And sure, throw Harry Potter into the mix as well. More like an audio drama kind of thing. I love those. I know The Hobbit and some Sherlock Holmes have them already but I want it with today’s cast. ^^

… Book Boyfriends. My standards are shot to hell. I think that is enough said on this matter. 😉

… Someday, I want to read a book in Korean. I see my brother read short stories and news in Japanese. I can read Hangul quite well. I do all my K-pop lyrics in Hangul so my reading speed isn’t bad. It’s the vocabulary that’s lacking. I have one book 100% in Korean; although I do have translations of it, I would love to read it in its original language. And oh, I’ve been eyeing the Harry Potter series in Korean as well.

And finally … Please give me the drive to blog more. Blogging is a beautiful thing. Lately, I’ve been going back and forth blogging about books and events. I have a ton more things to say and write about. It’s just that by the end of the day, I’m drained and I just want to veg out.

So there. Ten wishes. I didn’t mean it to be so Harry Potter-centric. But I hope you liked it!


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