It’s the middle of the year and my book blog is going through a bit of a crisis. It’s growing up and some changes are going to happen in the coming weeks.

First, a change of themes. “Something Fishy” gave me a great year, year-and-a-half of blogging. It was my home during my return from a loooooooong hiatus from book blogging. Many of you liked it and I did too. It was fun and happy and definitely interesting. But I outgrew the quirky little fishes, the aqua background, and the cute fishing hook on the left. WordPress.COM has a very limited selection of themes and you can only use what’s available on the site instead of with WordPress.ORG where you can customize your site to death. I’m not looking for that. I certainly am not talented enough to design a masterpiece. Heck, I can’t even work Photoshop! (That’s the truth.)

What you are currently seeing is a drastic change from that colorful undersea world. It’s plain, monochrome, very minimal. It’s called “The Zoren Theme” and I love how simple and clean it is. I believe content is more important than a pretty blog. You can be both though. 😉

And with this theme change comes a… NAME CHANGE. Yes. After so many months of going back and forth, I’ve finally decided to go ahead and change my book blog’s name. READING GOOD BOOKS is something I chose on a whim when I first found myself on with a heart full of feelz over a book. When I first wrote about the choice of name, I received encouragements that led me to keep it for another year. (LOL what is this, a lease?!) It worked at that time and still serves its purpose to this day but I was never truly satisfied with it. It sounded… sounds… trying hard to be formal. It sounds… not right? I don’t even know. :\

To others, it has good SEO potential with popular keywords. To me, it sounds unfinished. It leaves me hanging. I don’t know about you guys, but I just don’t like it. And if the owner herself is not happy, then what’s the point, right? And I guess that is reason enough to change it. I’m aware of running the risk of losing a part of my viewership but a renewed push can remedy that. I sincerely hope that my content will keep you guys around in spite of the name and URL change.

Because you guys are important to me, I will take you with me on this journey. Please help me pick out my blog’s new name. I heard somewhere that there’s an unwritten rule in blogging that you can only change names ONCE. This is my one and only card to play. Help me make the best decision that will stay with my blog for as long as I write on it. (Or change it again, say… another four years down the line hahaha.)

I’ve always wanted a better blog name. Nothing too gimmicky but a more fun, quirky, and witty name that fits my personality and content more. Maybe a name change will make me more excited to write actual reviews and promote my blog more. Here’s a few choices. Please take your pick and let me know in the comments what you think and if you have more suggestions. I put short explanations under the poll in case you’re interested.


* Booksona is a play on the word “persona”. This came up from one of those name generators. Yeah, I know… lol. It just so happens that one of my favorite games/anime is Persona 4.

Being Reading is another one from the name generator. This is one of the few names that didn’t sound random or silly. I do like this.

Shelf Pickings is a name that I’ve been thinking about for a while. My thinking behind it is that we all have shelves but we don’t get to read everything on it. And even if we do, we don’t recommend everything on it. Or maybe you do but I don’t lol. I’m overthinking things. This name sounds rather common but I can make a story behind it. What do you think?

Spoiled Readings is something that I ran through my brother’s judgment. He said it sounds too niche-y and I agree. But I’m still putting this out here. If this “wins”, then my blog may become a more specific blog that it already is. (I keep a separate blog for non-bookish things, events and such.) If not, then I’ll reserve this as a series or post tag for spoilery reviews and rants.

So there you go. I’m sorry if this ran long but I just had a lot on my mind. Plus, this is a huge decision. I hope you can help me with it. Thanks in advance! ❤


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