I actually have a draft called “Book Boyfriends”. It’s been sitting there for quite some time now. It’s just a plain and simple list of heroes, secondary male characters, and some random ones. Some of them, I don’t even want as boyfriends anymore.

I just finished a book called To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before by Jenny Han. It’s cute and I thought I might get boyfriend material ideas from that. But it has left me confused. Give me some time for a review but my original picks – from that long forgotten draft – still stands.

Book boyfriends are attractive. That’s pretty much a given. This character is where the author tends to sound a bit unrealistic and Gary-Stu. So let’s just say that they’re the handsomest guys in their respective books. Get that out of the way.

Short answer to this is Peeta Mellark. He’s my ideal book boyfriend. Especially with Katniss treating him like a doormat, it only made me love him more. He never complained or whined that Katniss was treating him like trash. He’s kind, determined, hopeful, true… and he just really, really loves Katniss, no questions asked. And he can bake! It doesn’t hurt that his movie portrayal is by Josh Hutcherson.

The one character that ruined me for every single man in the literary world is Outlander‘s Jamie Fraser. I mean… just look up his quotes in the books. If you do not swoon or melt, you’re made of granite. The actor that was chosen to play him, Sam Heughan, is spot on. He became Jamie in both actions and words. It’s incredible!

Jamie is a book boyfriend not just because of his actor portrayal. He’s not your average bodice-ripping hero. He’s actually very learned, speaks many tongues, and very resourceful. And he’s so brave. Diana Gabaldon made him sound like a near perfect man (of course, he is not without flaws) without him sounding like a Gary-Stu. It’s hard not to love him.

One more boyfriend that I’m sure a lot of you fantasize about, Christian Grey. Ah, this one… I picked this one solely for the actor that was in my head as I was reading the first two books. (I never got around to the third one.)

Alexander Skarsgard.

Sorry ladies, he was Mr. Grey in my head since day one. Ever since before the idea of a movie was made. ASkars made reading that trash bearable. The only good thing about Christian Grey as a book boyfriend is his money.

Come to think of it, my list is pretty cliche and common. But if you look hard, not very many book characters – and actual guys, in general – fit those descriptions. Peeta is a special kind of man as well as Jamie. Especially in this day and age.



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