11/22 – #ShowMeYourShelves

I just very recently updated my shelving situation. Actually, I bought a new shelf. I have another one that is in complete disarray right now so we won’t talk about that. Let’s talk about new and pretty stuff!


It’s the Ameriwood™ Dark Russet 5-Shelf Bookcase that I got from Big Lots. My brother and I assembled it, dragged it across the house to our tiny little space. But it works well enough. Our room is like a 2-person dorm room and it fits nicely between our beds. (My bed is the one with the alpaca.)

Let’s go level by level, shall we? Starting from the top:

That’s my most priced Broadway possession. No one in the world has that. I have almost ALL of their autographs on that photo. And if my life is going to be defined by one photo, this will be it. I’m so proud of this shot.

And oh, by the way… this is my JK Rowling and Jane Eyre shelf. I was going to say Harry Potter but The Casual Vacancy is there, because same author – I never really got past Chapter 7. Behind the frame are my paperbacks of HP 1-4. And Psys Funko Pop figure. Primrose Past is written by Caroline Rose Huntgrandmother of Stark Sands who is in the photo. And of course, several copies of Jane Eyre.

This is my passion shelf. I love each and everything on this shelf forever and ever. Lord of the Rings, Les Miserables, Spartacus, The Borgias, Generation Kill, Pillars of the EarthTroy is in there because Orlando Bloom and it’s a special edition set. As many of these things are. The black box beside the LOTR books houses a replica of Thorin’s key. That Gollum is special edition too, from The Two Towers.

If you look closely, I have pretty much have LOTR in all separate forms of DVD it came in. And I’m still on the look out for more.

I wanted to call this my HBO shelf. I have my Generation Kill (and related) books as well as my remaining bottles of True Blood. But I also have my empty Butterbeer glass and mug there, from the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. But on the other side, I have my many copies of The Sound of Music, one for every five-ten years anniversary, I think. Then my other musicals such as Rent and Mamma Mia!

On top of my military books, there are two Korean books. Well, Pieces of You by Tablo is in English but he’s a Korean rapper, leader of Epik High. Then under that is Big Bang‘s Shout to the World (세상에 너를 소리쳐). That one is 100% in Korean. All my physical copies of Miss Peregine’s is there too as well as my special signed copy of Heat Wave (signed by almost all of the season 1-2 main cast of Castle). I heard of The Social Animal by David Brooks from Nathaniel Fick, author of One Bullet Away so that belongs here too.

Up next is my Outlander and Sherlock level. And my extra LOTR stuff too. As you can see, they’re pretty heavy so I had to put them near the bottom. And yeah, my miscellaneous Benedict Cumberbatch stuff is here too. Five of these Diana Gabaldon books are signed. Then the Sherlock, Benedict Cumberbatch stuff. I’m still collecting his filmography so I might move the DVDs out of there when I get more. (I recently got the limited edition gift set, by the way.)

And finally, my blurry coffee table level. Look, more LOTR goodness!

The heaviest stuff goes on the bottom. All my LOTR art books, movie guides, special edition magazines, references, screenplays. Together with my YA stuff… those The Hunger Games books, those are NOT in English. They’re in Tagalog! I know I have Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone lying around somewhere. It’ll go to the HP shelf once I find it. Then my signed The Maze Runner books. Those thin books between The Hobbit books and the photo albums are by Viggo Mortensen. I’m also on the hunt for those.

So there’s my new shelf. I hope I keep it as neat and tidy as what you can see here.



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