The fandom definition of a trope is an overused plot device. But really, the definition/usage of this word is very vague. Half the people I talk to about fandom and fiction don’t even know what this word means.

The literary world is like fashion. One season, this genre is popular. The book that started it all becomes a movie while every one else and their mother write, read, and obsess over poor man’s versions of that first book. And then a new genre comes out of nowhere and tears, instead of blood, is shed. Even though a book boasts that it is something different, the author only succeeds in disguising a trope. Trust me.

But as overused as some plots are, I… some of them are kind of my guilty pleasure. I give fan fiction more leeway than actual novels but they’re tropes nonetheless.

1. Unresolved Sexual Tension. Come on… for some books, this is the ONLY tension.

2. Star-crossed Lovers. My favorite being the rich guy/poor girl combination. I don’t consider Katniss and Peeta as “star-crossed lovers” no matter how Caesar insists they are. It’s more like (3) unrequited love if I’ve ever seen one. That one is also the best place to pull a good amount of angst.

4. Bad boys. And they change because of a good girl. Sometimes they turn the girl bad but it’s always a happy ending.

I dislike:

1. Virgins. Everyone but the main character is not a virgin. Big deal. Move on.

2. The Mary-sue/ Gary Stu. I’m sorry that your life is not as storybook as your writing. Not really. I don’t want to hear about it. And really, if you’re going to beef up a character’s resume, make it a tad bit believable at the very very least.

3. Dumb siblings. Idk, maybe I can’t relate to this that’s why I roll my eyes whenever I encounter a character’s family member and s/he ends up to be an airhead.



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