Once again, sorry to disappoint you but there is no science behind my reviews. XD And I don’t do them the same way. I don’t follow specific steps. I really don’t stress over it that much.

There are times when I get very inspired and just spew words from my fingers as soon as I finish a book. That’s one of those rare 100% first impression/reaction posts which can be a bit extreme, fangirly, rage-filled, and/or incoherent. But I do like writing those kinds of reviews, especially if it’s over (what I think is) a bad book. It’s cathartic. I need to get all the rage out as soon as possible. Rage over poor effort, bad writing, wasted time. LOL. I can also get a bit fangirly over a really, really great book. Those tend to be less coherent than the rage post, mind you.

But if I have to list steps… eh… it still would lay heavily on my initial reaction to the work. Cover art and the overall packaging of the book doesn’t really matter much to me. Unless it’s really, really bad and I can’t ignore it. I actually had one author comment, rather snarkily, that “the reviewer completely disregarded the magnificent cover art of our little project,” hah. It looked like it was done with MS Paint by a bunch of old ladies on Windows 95. Not talking about it was actually a favor. *rolls eyes* I’m also wary of the writing style and vocabulary choices of the author. Some authors have an easier way with words than others and after reading so many books, you can kinda pinpoint the difference.

Sometimes, I will single out a great quote or two. Or five. Then gush about it. It doesn’t happen all that often but if you check out my Kindle or nook, you’ll find that I’m a serial highlighter. Recently, I’ve taken to putting sticky notes on pages with great passages. And to think I never did that in college…

Most of the time, I try to put up a review as soon as I finish a book. That way, the reactions are fresh in my mind. But sometimes, I wait. I wait until I’ve thought about it some more before sitting down and writing about it. My Drafts page is piling up like a TBR, it’s embarrassing!

So idk. There are times when a word vomit is good and times when I have to calm myself down first. Hey, I never said I was an expert in anything. 😉


3 thoughts on “#BOOKBLOGWRIMO – Day Thirteen

  1. There’s a whole science behind my reviewing! XD I guess reviewing is one of those things that I’m trying to be more organized in. I get what you mean about writing a review right after finishing a book; I used to do that as well, but I’m trying to step away from a book for a day before I review it, so my opinions aren’t too influenced by my good or bad feels. But I definitely know what it’s like to want to let out all the rage XD

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