#BookBlogWriMo – Day Seven


11/7 – #FlashbackFriday – BLOG’S FIRST DESIGN

I’m not Photoshop master. I can barely make my way around the thing. My Instagram pictures are processed mainly by the available filters on the app. The most that I can do is add a watermark and even that, I don’t do that often.

And besides, WP.com is really limited when it comes to customizing. You can do it but you won’t have the same freedom as paid accounts or with other blog providers. But that’s no biggie to me. I just want a nice looking page so that readers will have an easy time checking out my content. I’ve always opted for simple templates, clean and minimalist. This current fish theme… that’s the most that I can go for. And yes, these are provided for free by WP.com.

My first them was even simpler. I mean…

Again, I would like to think that my content is a bit better now than 2011. Heh. I really don’t care about the template. Just as long as it doesn’t look cheap or it doesn’t look like I didn’t put any thought into it. I liked how my blog looked like then and also, now.

The one thing that I will not change is my header quote. Someone commented that they liked it. Thank you! I love it because it’s a perfect description of myself. A dreamer. Like so many others.

I don’t know when I’ll change my template. I’m still liking this one. And I’m pretty lazy when it comes to those kinds of things. I mean, my MySpace profile was the most boring one ever. None of that seizure inducing crap. XD Maybe there will come a time when I finally take that leap into WP.org? Who knows…


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