#BookBlogWriMo – Day Six



I remember being able to read at the age of 4, at least. I remember already being a big sister reading those kiddie fairytales. I can’t remember the publisher exactly but I know that I have a boxed set of them. Hmm… maybe that’s where my special edition boxed sets obsession started LOL.

My parents would get me books more than toys. Don’t get me wrong, I liked toys and they bought me a lot of them too but they encouraged me to read and explore at such a young age that I never knew a life without reading.

I read all those Disney-fied fairy tales as well as those stories that I don’t think were meant for children. I mean, The Little Match Girl? Saddest story ever. I also had those thick tomes; collections of classic fairytales that were closer to the original tellings than Disney happily ever afters.

But for this post, I’m spotlighting the book that properly started me on this reading journey. Nancy Drew Mysteries by Carolyn Keene. I first heard about them when I was 8-9. My mom used to read them when she was a little girl, frequenting her local library and reading one a week. Sometimes, she would borrow one from a friend. I found them at our local bookstore and started to ask for them as gifts. She told me that those books started her off on reading for leisure. Looks like I’m going to tell my own children the same thing.

The Sign of the Twisted Candles is one of my favorite books. And it’s also my first Nancy Drew. I mean, I talk to people online who didn’t even exist during that date. I was nine, turning ten. (I just dated myself, I’m aware of that.) Over the years, I bought, was gifted, and even borrowed yet never returned several titles from the original 56 books. Eventually, someone gave me the whole collection in ePub format. But it’s still one of my life goals to have all 56 volumes in hard copy.



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