#BookBlogWriMo2014 – Day Two


11/2 – HOW YOU READ.

I’d like to think of myself as an equal opportunity reader. I will read anything and everything from the thickest encyclopedias to the writing on the back of a shampoo bottle. And I have. It doesn’t mean I have to like them but I will read it. At least try them on for size. If you look through my inventory so far, you’ll see books from several different genres. During the very early days of my “free book in exchange for a review” days, I did not have any set preferences. Eventually, I realized that I should have those. Otherwise, I found myself judging a book from a certain genre that I didn’t generally like before even reading it.

As for formats, I will read any hard copy and in tablet form EXCEPT on a smartphone and iPod. They’re too small. I tried, believe me. I even have the Kindle and Aldiko apps on my Samsung S3. I started on a Sylvia Day book on Aldiko and got a few chapters off. But it was just… idek. I am a dedicated tech person, meaning my gadgets have a specific purpose. I have a smartphone but I have a separate camera, music player (iPod Touch), an all-around tablet (iPad2), an e-reader solely for reading (Kindle Fire HD), and a tablet where I can watch my TV shows as well as read epub files (Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 Nook). So you see, I’m not a brand snob. I go back and forth, Android and Mac. No Windows though. I only use that at work. :\

When the e-readers buzz started, I was pretty firm at my decision to NOT use it. I love the smell of new and old books and I can lose myself in bookstores and libraries. Heck, I even studied Library Science. But in the past years, I would get an e-reader for my birthday. I started with the B&N nook then the iPad2 for Christmas. Then my hands started to itch for a Kindle. And more recently, I purchased the updated nook on the day of release.  I realized how convenient it is especially for someone like me who commutes to and from work instead of driving. And that nifty page/chapter/minute counter at the bottom of pages is like a step counter. I feel like it makes me a faster reader.

Don’t get me wrong, I still absolutely love a solid physical hard copy book. But not even a space saver vacuum bag can help me with my shelving issue. :\ I just don’t have enough space. I will still buy used books if the deal is great and if I really like that book; or maybe a signed copy or a new copy to be signed. Just… it’s not my first choice if I want to acquire a specific book.

I almost always use bookmarks. By “almost always” I mean that a random movie ticket or receipt will do in the absence of an actual bookmark. Right now, I have a working bookmark, The Hobbit one. I bought it for $0.45 at a Barnes and Noble sale. I mean… the movie ticket was more expensive. I never dog ear.

I do highlight sometimes. Textbooks, yes. My first copy of Generation Kill — I’ve read that one book so many times that it legit looks tattered. I’ve dermatograph’d several passages in my many re-readings. The companion book, One Bullet Away, I took that with me on a trip to Florida and if you flip through it, you’ll find pencil markings, underlined quotes, and notes on the margin.

Right now, I’m reading The Fiery Cross. Since starting with the magnificent Outlander series, I’ve highlighted passages on my ereaders, tweeting out specific ones that I absolutely loved, even using mini Post-It notes to mark the pages with the beautiful scenes/quotes. Oh how very book blogger of me! 😉

As for “rituals”… I don’t think I have any. Although I notice recently that I tend to overthink some of my activities. I mean, when I get home from work, I ponder over which activity to do: read, crochet, watch a DVD. I would think on it for so long that I actually spend all my time thinking. Hah! Cray.


3 thoughts on “#BookBlogWriMo2014 – Day Two

  1. OMG! I think I found my book twin as far reading habits are concerned!
    The shampoo bottle kind of thing, that’s what I’ve written in my post too.
    “Equal opportunity reader” sounds like the perfect name to call our kind. 😛

    Liked by 1 person

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