I love to travel. I did my fair share of it in recent years and my wanderlust is still as strong as ever. There are so much of the world yet to see and so little time… and money.  But thanks to books and films, readers/viewers are transported to what ever world is on the page/screen without breaking the bank. And oh, some of my destinations were inspired by things that I read and watch. Maybe I’ll split my list up. What do you say? 😉

This week’s Top Ten Tuesday , we’re listing down the Ten Places Books Have Made Me Want To Visit (whether fictional or real).

This list is a mix of real and fictional places. When I was composing this list, I found that I chose a lot more “real” places than the fictional ones. But I’d be crazy if I say that I don’t want to go to made up worlds. I mean, isn’t that one of the reasons why we read? To escape.

1. Scotland.
Combined with the TV series and posts of other Outlander fans who have taken the Scotland tour, I feel a little tugging in my heart. Even the actors who are in the show and are from Scotland praise the scenery that is apparently NOT overly processed, if at all. The book doesn’t really dwell on the scenery so I guess this is a bit of cheating. BUT without the book, I won’t be sucked into this world as much as I am. Not to mention Scotland is also home to Hogwarts. 😉

And oh, I’ve been to Hogwarts. That one in Orlando, Florida.  Yeah, twice.

2. Eastern Europe.
I’ve read a lot of Dracula novels, from the original to one of my favorites, The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova. I recently watched Dracula Untold and loved it. As long as the vampire is not sparkling and is vulnerable to sunlight, we’re good lol. I think I’m in love with the history behind those places — Romania, Bulgaria, etc. It’s like it’s untouched by time and the mystery surrounding it just fascinates me!

3. Middle-Earth. And in a way, New Zealand.
Specifically The Shire, Imladris (Rivendell), and Minas Tirith. I mean, come on. Peter Jackson brought these places to life. It might not be the same one in your head but you have to admit it’s beautiful. Not so much in The Hobbit but a decade ago when LOTR was first released. Now, Bag End is a permanent tourist attraction, it’s one of my top destinations in the near future. I’ve even dreamt of Rivendell LOL.

The road goes ever on and on…

4. Paris, France.
Not just any other Paris trip, but The Da Vinci Code tour! It’s high on my bucket list. I’m a huge fan of museums and historical walking tours so this is right up my alley. I love the Robert Langdon books and The Da Vinci Code is by far my favorite setting. Aaaand it also has a Scottish destination. (Speaking of Langdon books, I’ve been to Washington DC, setting of The Lost Symbol.)

5. The Capitol, Panem.
I’m a city girl. I know we’re led to think that The Capitol is a “bad place” but I don’t think I can stand living in the poorer Districts. Visit, maybe. But if I were to stay an extended amount of time, I’m staying at The Capitol. Maybe makeup is dirt cheap there because there’s just so many. That’s how it was in Myeongdong, South Korea when we went; Korean makeup there is less than half the price if you’re buying online or at US retailers.

6. Le Cirque des Rêves.
From The Night Circus. I mean, how MAGICAL is that place? Circuses are fun to begin with but… the Cloud Maze, I mean…! I love where this book took me and can you just imagine if this actually existed? I’ll be first in line for tickets, for sure.

7. England.
Blame every Regency novel, Sherlock story, and historical fiction based on English monarchy that I’ve read. How in the world did one travel on foot over long distances back then? No car? In some books, not even a beast of burden. Surely, the 221B Baker St. of the original Sherlock stories is different from the BBC show’s interpretation. But still. I’m glad that book-based tours exist. These are fictional characters but more often than not, the authors were inspired by real places.

I’m lucky to have been to a lot of the places in today’s popular books — New York City (a lot of answers said The Met, thanks to Percy Jackson. I used to live five blocks from The Met and have spent countless of hours in its hallowed halls), Los Angeles (uh… yeah, I live there), San Francisco (hello, Tales of the City), South Korea, and I’ve read in a blog, The Philippines. As said in Moon River, there’s such a lot of world to see!

So… what if you’re into dystopian books? Would you really like to go to District 11? Or The Glade?



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