LIEBSTER AWARD | Read and Survive

I accept your nomination, Read and Survive blog!  Thank you very much!  I was nominated for a Liebster on my other blog too.  You can check out my answers there, Orange Kissu.  That had a slightly different set of rules but I do like answering these kinds of stuff.


(1) answer 11 questions about yourself
(2) ask 11 more questions to your nominations and
(3) nominate 11 blogs to pass on the award by linking to their blog and then letting them know about the nomination


1. Why is your blog called the way it’s called?
Because… I couldn’t think of a catchy name and I was itching to start a book blog already.  I wanted it to sound “formal and proper” because… reasons.  I’m not even sure now haha.  Sometimes I want to change it because it sounds lame and boring but at the end of the day, I can’t think of other names.  I may stick with it for a bit while longer.  What do you think?

2. Why do you blog?
I love writing.  And I love reading other blogs.  It’s a release and something to occupy my time.  I like the sense of responsibility it gives me.  Whether I have readers or not, I like to put out material regularly.

3, What is your favorite color. Why?
Orange.  Not like Effie’s hair.  More like a sunset kind of orange.  And no, Peeta, I got first dibs on that color.  It’s like Suzanne Collins reached into my brain and pulled that description out.  I also like orange that leans toward the coral side.

4, What is your favorite type of book to read?
I keep saying that I will read anything.  And I will.  But I do have a preference.  If I’m at a total loss, I will gravitate to either historical fiction or mystery/thrillers.

5. Coffee or tea?
Coffee.  I love my Keuring Mini Plus.  But then again, I also love my Teavana Perfect Teamaker.

6. Do you have a lucky number?
Eight.  Again, Josh Hutcherson, I didn’t choose those because 8 is your jersey number lol.  In school, my friends made it a part of my name.  C8.  Grammatically, it doesn’t make sense but I spell my name with a C, so there.

7. Who is your favorite fictional character? Why?
I would say Peeta Mellark, Jane Eyre, Legolas, and Aragorn.  I like Peeta because he’s the most adorable doormat ever and his only flaw is loving Katniss.  I cannot fault him for that.  Jane Eyre because she’s a no nonsense female character that even when she was so wronged, she never bitched and moaned and she stayed strong.  Legolas because he sings lol.  Aragorn because he’s the best.

8. If only you had time to blog about all topic you like, what are those topics?
I have a lot to say about a lot of things.  I enjoy making lists and answering questions so I guess if I have to make this a niche blog, I’ll make a listography out of it.

9, Do you have a fictional crush? Who?
Who doesn’t?  😉  Although I have more celebrity crushes than fictional crush.  Right now, it’s Jamie Fraser.

10. Your idols? Role models?
Uh… I don’t know about role models but here’s a short list of people that I admire: Benedict Cumberbatch, Lee Pace, Josh Hutcherson, Sam Heughan, Diana Gabaldon.  Off the top of my head.

11. Favorite season of the year?
Autumn.  They say that your favorite season is the season when you were born.  I was born in September, fall.  I love how chilly the weather becomes, how the leaves turn yellow and go all crunchy.  I don’t like the heat and autumn has the perfect blend of chilly and warmth.


1. If you are moving to a fictional world – either found in books or screen – where will you choose to settle and why?
2. If you can change the ending of a particular book, which one is it and how will you change it?
3. How long do you think you’ll last in The Hunger Games?
4. Browse your own blog.  Now, post a link to your favorite post that you wrote.
5. Can you recommend other blogs – book-related or not – that I should be reading?
6. Have you purchased a book just because you saw your idol holding/reading it?  (I have. Many times.)
7. You’re meeting your favorite celebrity.  Autograph or picture?  Pick just one, can’t be both.
8. What is your fantasy dream cast for [insert book-to-movie here]?  (Even if a movie exists for that book already.)
9. What is your stand in the ever-changing debate of… “the printed word vs digital books”?
10. Name a book and/or movie that you and your mother both love.
11.  Why are you following/reading my blog?  For whatever reason, THANK YOU!


Whoever wants to do it!  I don’t know a lot of other book bloggers that well or even if I do, they’ve been nominated so many times already.  I encourage you to participate whether you are nominated or not.  Keeping a blog takes a lot of work and you should be rewarded for the effort you are putting into it.

But for the purposes of the original meme, I name these bloggers as nominees.  You don’t have to do it if you don’t want to or if you don’t have time though:

1. It’s Jean’s List
2. Kobsupang Robertson
3. The Book Nookery
4. Lyn Ching
5. Vanessa Coh
6. Hip to be Square
7. Love A Librarian
8. Splurk
9. Whimsical Posts
10. Little Green Orchids
11. Mary Macapagal =


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