I’m not even gonna apologize for yet another Jamie edition of TWHST.  And it’s not even Thursday today, mind you.  No apologies on that either.

Every Thursday we are hosting a brand new meme called: That’s what HE said Thursday by Chapter Break.

Come join us every Thursday by posting a favorite line from your book boyfriend to his heroine. Keep in mind these are direct quotes from dialogue in a book. It is NOT a physical description of a male protag or a paragraph of dialogue. It is a line spoken by our favorite heroes to their lucky ladies.

I’m currently on the last 100 pages of Voyager and last night on my way there, I came across the part where Jamie had to drop something big on Claire not knowing that she already knew about it.  (I don’t mind spoilers myself but I rarely spoil people so if you’re read Voyager, you know what I mean, yes?)

Let me tell you… legit TEARS ran down my face by the time I came across this quote:

It affected me so darn much, I put it on Instagram.  ;___;  The whole chapter absolutely gutted me.  The angst, the heartbreak, the disappointment… I wept for Claire and for Jamie, too.  I truly felt how destroyed Jamie felt while telling Claire everything.  And yet, you believed with all your heart, as a reader, that he loves her fully and truly.

Miss Gabaldon, thank you.  I just… this is such beauty.  If the TV series would last until a 3rd (and more) season, this deserves its own full 15 minutes with no commercial.  I already hear it in Sam Heughan‘s voice, sad and breaking and everything.  If words destroyed me already, I can only imagine seeing this scene unfold before my eyes.



  1. Oh my goodness! That grammar!!! It would take some getting used to 🙂
    Love the thought behind it though… beautiful.


  2. I love JAMIE!!!!! And yeah, it was so hard to read this. Jamie and Claire had been through so much! DFIA is my personal fave book in the series, but Voyager holds a special place just because of what happens in it.


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